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5/5 – Should I eat when I’m not hungry 1

This question came from Jason from our Monthly Membership Group. So thanks to Jason for sending this one in. The fact of the matter is, this questions comes up all the time, and I mean all the time. When someone starts with our coaching program or working with me, they’re usually not used to eating […]

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should I eat when I'm not hungry

efficient results with gerald smith

EMB #221: Efficient Results with Gerald Smith

In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body we’ll be talking about Efficient results with Gerald Smith. I love this topic because it’s the way I train myself and it’s the way I train my clients. Gerald and I have much in common when it comes to finding an efficient way to get the results […]

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5/5 – Tips to save time in the grocery store

Here we are with another 5 tips in 5 minutes! Today’s topic is tips to save time in the grocery store. We all know what it’s like to be crunched for time. Many skip the grocery store all together and hit the drive through, so understand you’re doing a good thing by taking the first […]

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tips to save time in the grocery store

the power of visualization with Kelly Gonzales

Kelly Gonzales talks Power of Visualization

Kelly Gonzales talks Power of Visualization, is an interview I put together to show you in importance of visualization and to show you how to do it. Kelly Gonzales will be offering some fantastic tips on how this can change your life. Who is Kelly Gonzales? Kelly is a movement and fit lifestyle coach, certified personal trainer, […]

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5/5 – Post workout nutriton don’ts

Here’s what you should be staying away from after a workout. Sports drinks Stay away from highly toxic sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Anything that doesn’t seem to have an expiration date, highlighted colours, and more all have preservatives, additives and toxins our body doesn’t recognize, utilize and absorb. Which means these products do […]

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post workout nutrition don'ts

EMB #219: Living Healthy with Betty Rocker

I honestly couldn’t wait to share this interview with you. In this interview I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Bree Argetsinger, aka The Betty Rocker. Bree and I have so much in common when it comes to our frame of mind regarding living a healthy lifestyle. It was incredible to hear similar beliefs from someone […]

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Eating healthy is stressful 1

With out a doubt, eating healthy is stressful. Now I know what you’re thinking, most people would tell you eating unhealthy is stressful on your mind and body. I wouldn’t disagree with that, but I also very well understand that eating healthy is stressful as well. We have friends, family, co-workers and more that make […]

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Eating Healthy is Stressful

4 as to peak performance

4 A’s to Peak Performance

Alright we’re back at it with another fantastic interview for you which comes by way of a man named Dirk Stroda as he discusses the 4 A’s to Peak Performance . A very interesting man that has been working with high performance athletes for quite some time. Dirk begins talking about he actually started working with […]

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Reduce stress, eat out guilt free 2

Seriously, reduce stress, eat out guilt free is something that really exists. Here’s the issue, we have so much stress, so much anxiety around eating out, what do we do? We’ll I’ll tell you what we do, in this post and show I go over a handful of great tips to help you reduce stress so […]

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reduce stress eat out guilt free