4 A’s to Peak Performance

Alright we’re back at it with another fantastic interview for you which comes by way of a man named Dirk Stroda as he discusses the 4 A’s to Peak Performance . A very interesting man that has been working with high performance athletes for quite some time.

Dirk begins talking about he actually started working with individuals through their physical performance and later realized ‘the mind follows the body’. He wanted to reach his clients on a different level, he wanted to help them push past the physical limitations which he believes (and now teaches) begins with the mind.

From Olympians to Business owners, Dirk’s approach to wellness is certainly what I’d call holistic as he focuses on the heart as he explains what he calls the 4 A’s which include Attitude, Awareness, Authenticity and Allowing.

Who is Dirk?

Dirk Stroda is the High Performance Mental Coach for Equine Canada. He coaches the Canadian Dressage, the Para Dressage and the Eventing Team on the Road2Rio, the 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games.

He is also the ‘go-to’ Mental Coach for many Olympians, World Champions and NHL Pro’s and Public Figures.

He is one of the most sought after speaker of his kind and has traveled the world speaking in front of thousands at various conferences and symposiums.

Stroda is a frequent writer for the Huffington Post and other international magazines.

His athletes and Teams participated successfully at 11 different Olympic Summer and Winter Games, multiple World Championships, PanAm Games and countless National Championships.

Stroda lives with his family in Kelowna, BC. www.dirkstroda.com

4 A's to Peak Performance

Show Notes:


  • this begins in the morning, start with high energy
  • change the way you think about the day
  • don’t fight against what you aren’t able to control – you lose energy this way
  • line up with ‘what is’
  • fake it if you must


  • talk about your emotions
  • how do you feel
  • start with yourself – do inner work
  • get in touch with your own feelings, this will help you have a better understand of ‘self awareness’


  • David Hawkins ‘the mind is totally unreliable’
  • the HEART is the first organ that develops (not the brain)
  • the heat actually opens brain activity
  • think about the heart first, accept, don’t fight


  • ego pushes and forces, let things come more naturally
  • it takes more energy to resist
  • do your homework, follow the first 3 ‘A’s’ and allowing will come naturally

How do I deal with my toxic environment?

  • don’t connect yourself with the toxic environment
  • understand you can’t change those around you
  • stay within yourself
  • protect yourself
  • stay connected with your core values
  • become a part of the solution
  • you have the power to create your own reality
  • ask yourself ‘what is the solution’

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