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EMB #140: Food Like Substances 5

Food like substances is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  There are so many ‘food’ like substances out there, ‘foods’ that are flooded the grocery stores we shouldn’t be consuming, are hard to digest and aren’t necessarily recognized by the body.  It’s important to talk about these foods, it’s important to let people […]

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Importance of Detoxifying starts with food

EMB #139: Importance of Detoxifying

Importance of Detoxifying is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body.  Today I brought on Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut aka the Good Food Guy who has certainly been on the show before. Rick previously talked about: Digestion Holiday Weight Loss Tips Is Organic Food Healthier There are all shows jam packed with quality information and […]

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EMB #138: At home workouts and nutrition

At home workouts and nutrition is something I want to talk about because many people simply don’t like going to the gym, feel uncomfortable in that atmosphere, some can’t afford it and others can’t find the time (or don’t make time rather).  Well I’m here to tell you at home workouts and nutrition is another […]

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Post goal depression is something we'll all need to address at some point if we set big enough goals.

EMB #137: Post Goal Depression

Post goal depression isn’t something that’s talked about often but it is something that we all go through when setting goals.  If you set a big enough goal you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s like the let down after your wedding day; it’s like the day after winning the world series or a […]

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