EMB #221: Efficient Results with Gerald Smith

In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body we’ll be talking about Efficient results with Gerald Smith. I love this topic because it’s the way I train myself and it’s the way I train my clients. Gerald and I have much in common when it comes to finding an efficient way to get the results you’re looking for.

As we’ll talk about in the interview, the old way of training is to sit in a gym for hours looking for the results you could gain in much less time, let’s say 20 minutes of interval training.

As you’ll soon find out, we focus our conversation on High Intensity Interval Training, help you understand what it is, how it get you the results you’re looking for and even how to design your own program.

Who is Gerald Smith?

Working with busy, high-earning executives is Gerald’s specialty, as he understands the challenges in implementing dietary changes in busy lifestyles.

He provides his clients with a practical and supportive approach, motivating them to achieve fitness and nutrition goals that they previously never thought possible.

Gerald holds a degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health, as well as numerous other certificates and qualifications. Find more details about Gerald here.

efficient results with gerald smith

Show Notes:

  • Gerald’s boxing background and how he got into training
  • what is HIIT
  • how interval training can get you better results in less time
  • working out in parks, homes and more
  • spending less time in the gym
  • quality vs quantity and why it’s better to focus on specific work than duration
  • work rest periods, what they are and how they can design a more efficient program for you
  • types of exercise
  • a ‘mock’ program to show you how to set up your own
  • nutrition
  • paleo-ish diet
  • avoiding processed food
  • the most important meal of the day

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