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5 Surprising Reasons Why you Have the Flu

In this show I want to talk about 5 Surprising Reasons Why you Have the Flu because it’s flu season and it seems like everyone has the flu. Now when I say surprising I do so because I feel like it’s ‘normal’ to accept the flu during this season. It’s normal to expect no feeling […]

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5 Surprising reasons why you have the flu

How to crush stress with rick titan

EMB #234: How to Crush Stress with Rick Titan 2

Todays topic on Exploring Mind and Body is How to Crush Stress with Rick Titan! Special guest, speaker and Author Rick Titan will talk about how he went from a stressful lifestyle in pro wrestling to now teaching others how to reduce stress in their lives. Who is Rick Titan? Rick Titan is a former […]

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Lacking the Ability to Communicate

Quite honestly I feel like we have a lack of communication simply because we have lost the ability to listen. This is without a doubt the number one reason we fail to communicate with each other over and over again. Have you ever met one of those people that never ask you how your day […]

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Lacking the ability to communicate

Get active with Tony Horton

EMB #233: Get Active with Tony Horton 2

On this episode of Exploring Mind and Body I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the infamous Tony Horton. He shares his philosophy surrounding health, wellness, fitness and so much more. Tony sat down with me for 60 minutes to offer all kinds of information about his own personal workouts, what he eats for breakfast […]

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5/5 – Is Wheat Bad for You?

To begin, let’s get one thing out of the way. I am not against wheat. Just because I have an expert, Dr. Davis, answer the question ‘is wheat bad for you’ doesn’t mean I agree. However I do believe the wheat industry has changed in a big way, which is why I also believe it’s […]

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is wheat bad for you

Lose 20 inches in 60 days

EMB #231: How to lose 20 inches in 60 days

In this show of real people real results Lana Kreiser is going to talk about how to lose 20 inches in 60 days, which is exactly what he did! Now I understand many are looking to lose this many inches in a couple weeks but still, this is a lot of results in a short […]

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5/5 – Half Marathon Tips for Beginners

So I never really planned on running a half marathon before, but now that I have I thought I might share some of my experiences with you, so I put together half marathon tips for beginners. In this post and show I basically go over what I shouldn’t have done and for the most part […]

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handling grief

EMB #230: Handling Grief with Debra Oakland 3

Handling Grief with Debra Oakland is based around her mission of sharing her story of Living in Courage with stems from her book Change Your Movie Change Your Life: 7 Reel Steps for Courageous Change. In this show Debra shares her incredible story of her own grief. She talks about how she lost her 21 […]

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5/5 – Portion Control

Portion control is a major subject when looking to live a healthy lifestyle, keep off unwanted body fat and feel comfortable with your own size/weight and self imagine. Many times we think we’re eating too much when were aren’t, other times we’re eating far too much. When you look at specific types of food, portion […]

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