Monthly Archives: July 2013

EMB #100: Stay Fit While on Vacation

Summary: Maria Kuzmuik writes a review for Complete Truth Protein.  Maria is a freelance writer and experienced technical editor with a background in nutrition, education and psychology.  For more details about her you can click here. Fitness Competitor Dorothy Keith writes a guest post blog for Exploring Mind and Body.  She walks us through a […]

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EMB #99: Gaining Muscle Mass

Summary: In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body I’m talking about how to gain muscle mass the health way. We have a Detoxify Yourself testimonial. Schools and how they feed the children.  

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EMB #98: Increasing success 2

Increasing success in any field is what people are after, it’s the end accomplishment we strive for.  How often do you hear some say, I’m not interested in the end result, I’m doing this for the journey.  I work with people that are trying to achieve and or make a change every day.  And I’m […]

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Increasing success rate