5/5 – Tips to save time in the grocery store

Here we are with another 5 tips in 5 minutes! Today’s topic is tips to save time in the grocery store. We all know what it’s like to be crunched for time. Many skip the grocery store all together and hit the drive through, so understand you’re doing a good thing by taking the first step and making time to go in the first place.

In this show I’ll give you my top 5 tips to save time so you can utilize your time in other places, hopefully working out or even in the kitchen.

tips to save time in the grocery store

Top 5 Tips!

Check inventory at home -fridge, cupboards, pantry, fruit bowl, etc.

It’s important to check your home before you leave the house to get groceries.

Make a grocery shopping list

Always make a list before you go and bring the list with you to the store so you know exactly what to purchase.

Know what you’re going to purchase before you get there

This goes along with the first and second tip. Make sure you know what to purchase before you get there.

Stay away from aisles you know you shouldn’t be going down – chips, ice cream, etc. Some aisles I’ve never gone down.

No need to go down the aisles you know you shouldn’t be. Avoid those aisles, and stick to your grocery list.

Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

It’s always a good idea to have something in your stomach so you aren’t tempted by sugar, fatty foods that look and taste good.


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