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EMB #387: 4 Steps to Improve Digestion

In this show Drew and Dorothy are back at it to tell you how you can improve your digestion in 4 simple steps!    That’s right, they’ll go over exactly what it is you need to do to get your digestive tract back on track!    They use Green Smoothies, kombucha, a green tea combination […]

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EMB #386: How to Recover from Back Pain

Fred Amir is the founder and president of Health Solutions and author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan, Mesh-Free Hernia Repair, Rapid Recovery from Enlarged Prostate Symptoms, and is the winner of The University of California’s Knowles Ryerson award for leadership. Fred is the creator of the Nine-Step Rapid […]

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EMB #385: How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

I started this whole, wild ride because I was just searching for ways to improve and protect my family’s health (something I’m sure everyone can relate to). Before I knew it I was elbow deep, sifting through media fear mongering, false advertising, fad diets, and a nauseating amount of just plain stupid advice. What I […]

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age is only a number

EMB #384: Age is Only a Number

Carol Burke has lived in Olds since she was married 49 years ago. A proud mother of 2 children and is lucky to have 4 grandchildren. She absolutely loves to exercise and decided to do her first run at the age of 50 years old and ever since then, she has been hooked. This summer, […]

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EM&B #383: Creating Your Beach Life

In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body Host, Drew Taddia talks about Creating Your Beach Life. It’s not necessarily about where you are, it’s more so about what you want. It’s about deciding what you want out of life, creating the life of your dreams and living it everyday. Drew talks about not having […]

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