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EM&B# 399: Summer Weight Gain

The fact of the matter is, Most weight gain happens throughout the summer. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. There is summer BBQ’s and vacations, there is camping, friends over, drinks outside and more.   This doesn’t happen for a week or two, it doesn’t even happen for a month or two. […]

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EMB #398: Benefits of Being Consistent

The Benefits of Being Consistent are endless really. We could think about just about anything and connect being consistent with results. If  you want to do well with exercise and nutrition, consistency is a must.   If you want to do well in business you can’t exactly work once in awhile, or generate sales every […]

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EMB #397: Start Your Journey to Happiness

I’m 46 years old, single father of 4 kids, from Kamloops BC. I moved to Calgary in 1999 for a job promotion and have been here in southern Alberta ever since.    I have been always active as a person being involved with sports like hockey, cycling, soccer, etc.. and enjoy the outdoors when I […]

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Benefits of Magnesium

EM&B #396: Benefits of Magnesium

Join Drew Taddia on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body as he talks about the health Benefits of Magnesium. Did you know that 80% of the population is deficient in Magnesium? This contributes to a long list of health concerns from constipation to restless legs.    Many people also have issues with getting a […]

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EM&B #395: Fads, Fasts and Cleanses

The truth is Fads, Fasts and Cleanses and don’t work. If they did everyone would join a fad and it would work and we’d all be happy and healthy and be at our ideal weight. The problem is, we love the idea of a quick fix.Try something like a weekend fast to drop a few […]

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