Monthly Archives: August 2013

EMB #105: Lifestyle Detox 3

A lifestyle detox is something completely different from your usual 3 day cleanse or fast or short detox.   If you ask me I’ll always go with the lifestyle detox as opposed to the quick fast.  If you’re looking for something that’s sustainable, something that’s worth doing, something that will last the look to a lifestyle […]

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decide what you want on their shelves

EMB #104: Design a product for profit

In this post we’ll will design a product for  profit.  Many people look at products as a consumer because of course most of us are consumers.  There are many more people that buy than create.  I want to flip the script here and look at products from a different angle. Most companies will design a […]

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EMB #103: how our environment affects our lifestyle 3

How our environment affects our lifestyle is a major factor when we talk about health and fitness.  I bring it up because it’s all so important in the big scheme of things.  After all we are products of our environment.  I bet there is a large percentage of people that are doctors or nurses because […]

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EMB #102: Digestion with Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut 2

Digestion is the topic in this Episode of Exploring Mind and Body.  We interview Holistic Nutritionist Rick Kohut who is the owner of Health Street, a biofeed back practitioner and a local farmer. Rick specializes in Digestion so we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate the show to this topic. We cover: […]

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EMB #101: Consistent persistence to find success 2

Summary: I also talk about consistent persistence and what it takes to succeed.  We need persist with everything we do if we want to be successful, weather that be with our health, business or anything we set our minds to. On this week of Exploring Mind and Body I sent a thank you out and […]

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