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EMB #158: Rawtarian 1

So every once in awhile I get the urge to try Raw food, recently I just came back from a health conference and some of the main topics were enyzymes so naturally raw food was often talked about.  So with my inspiration with raw food at it’s peak I look for some easy raw burger […]

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EMB #157: Primal Blueprint

Primal blueprint is the topic on today show and I want to start off with a quote from Mark Sisson, which is ultimately the reason I reached out and requested an interview with him. My mission is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing and […]

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EPISODE #156 Alkaline vs Acidic

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Ron Garner tonight on Exploring Mind and Body who was an absolute pleasure to have on the show!  Ron’s most recent book The Disease Free Revolution was going to be the main topic unit we realized how much information there is to share with all of you, so […]

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Improving your quality of life

Improving your quality of life is something we think is a feat too hard to even fathom.  I’m not able to tell you how many times I hear someone talk about how there was no time for this, there was no time for that. We’ve been over that before recently, this write up isn’t going […]

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Perspecitive (blog post)

Perspective plays a more significant role in our lives than we think. In fact, perspective may be everything. If you see weight loss as being a constant struggle, a never ending uphill battle, something that you absolutely dread, than it is. If you truly believe money is the enemy, it’s the root of all evil, […]

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Adult Bullying (blog post)

You know what’s sad, is that grown adults still bully. What may be worse, grown adults allow themselves to be bullied. I mean when you’re a child it’s hard to understand what’s right and what isn’t. Sure you’re uncomfortable but how can you do anything about it. I mean, at times it feels like there […]

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EMB #155 Stay Healthy on Vacation

Stay healthy on vacation is the weeks episode of Exploring Mind and Body.  I recently went on a trip to Santa Monica, so I wanted to share with you some of the tips I followed to stay healthy on vacation. Overview Living a healthy lifestyle all the time Preparing a head of time Booking a […]

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Live Like You’re On Vacation (Blog post)

If you live like you’re on vacation, if you structure your life the way you want it to be then what’s the difference where you’re at? Full post below: Post by TRUE FORM.

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EMB #154: Following Your Dreams

Following your dreams is the topic on Exploring Mind and Body because it seems like so many people are afraid to go after what they really want in life. I want to share this personal story with you because I feel so many are afraid to take a chance, they’re worried about what others will […]

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Following your dreams