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Conditioned Responses 1

In this show I talk about how most of the decisions we make are from habits turned into conditioned responses.  As humans we’re creates of habit, which makes it easy to do different things without even thinking about it. A conditioned response may be to wake up stressed out knowing you have to go to […]

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adrenal fatigue and stress

EMB #211: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

I had an absolute blast during my presentation at Health Street, and always appreciate being welcomed to their events. In this particular presentation the topic was Adrenal Fatigue. This show in part was much of what I covered in which I wanted share with you. Unfortunately, we’re stressed out as a society. There are so […]

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EMB #210: Kristin Dahl Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Chef 2

It was an absolute pleasure having Kristin Dahl on the show today for another interview. We share very similar beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition from staying active (fitness wise) to our beliefs around counting calories. As a holistic nutritionist Kristin has a more natural approach when it comes to hear teachings which […]

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kristin dahl

how I healed myself

How I Healed Myself 3

Now I’m not sure I’ve openly talked about this before, not that it’s a big secret. I suppose I’ve never had any reason to in the past.  I guess there’s the other factor of when I was starting out doing this health thing full time 4 years ago (at the time this post will be […]

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EMB #209: That One Big Break 3

Early in my athletic career I was hoping for one big break, maybe throughout my career I was hoping just one person saw me in the right situation. This is no different with business, with one product or one idea. I suppose not until recently I realized there’s no such thing, one big break is […]

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that one big break

what story are you telling yourself

What story are you telling yourself?

Have you ever thought about what story you are telling yourself? Have you ever noticed the thoughts that are continually going through your head?  See what happens is, when we’re younger we’re told a story, this story rarely comes from us. This story is usually from a trusted and or authoritative figure, it could be […]

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EMB #208: Real People Real Results

It was an absolute pleasure having Chantal Denis on Exploring Mind and Body today to talk about her results from our 10 day fitness challenge. I believe there is path that can be followed and repeated not only for Chantal but for you as well, which is why I wanted to share her success with […]

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chantal denis

getting out of a fitness rut

Getting out of a fitness rut

Today I asked Dylan Dean to come on the show for an interview to talk about getting out of a fitness rut. As Dylan explains she was stuck in a fitness rut, wasn’t happy with her body, and wasn’t able to find the direction or motivation to start exercising again.  This is when she heard […]

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