The Dangers of Sunscreen | Ep 655

In this episode, we delve into the often overlooked dangers of sunscreen. We’ll explore the potential risks associated with common sunscreen ingredients and discuss the pros and cons of using sunglasses. Learn how to protect yourself from the sun effectively and safely. Join us as we uncover the best practices for sun protection and debunk […]

Gut Microbiome for Menopause | Ep 654

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Michael Biamonte, founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition and co-creator of BioCybernetics. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Biamonte shares his expertise on the gut microbiome’s role in menopause. Discover the truth about supplementation and nutritional testing, learn how to safely and effectively use […]

Evening Snacking: Why you’ve been Lied to

In this brief yet insightful episode, we debunk common myths about evening snacking. Discover the truth behind late-night eating and its effects on your health and weight. Learn why not all evening snacks are bad and how to make healthier choices that won’t sabotage your wellness goals. Tune in for practical tips and a fresh […]

Detriments of Summer Weight Gain | Ep 653

In episode 653 of Ageless Energy, we explore the topic of summer weight gain and how to manage it effectively. Many people experience weight fluctuations during the summer months due to changes in routine, diet, and activity levels. We discuss the common causes of summer weight gain, provide practical tips for maintaining a healthy weight, […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Fascia | Ep 652

In episode 652 of Ageless Energy, we dive into the world of fascia with Anna Rahe, the founder and CEO of GST Body. With over 20 years of experience, Anna has dedicated her career to understanding and teaching about fascia, helping people invest in their health, restore vitality, and heal themselves. Anna has collaborated with […]

A few Words on Taking Your Measurements

In this concise yet insightful episode of Ageless Energy, we dive into the importance of accurately taking your measurements to track your fitness progress effectively. Join us as we explore the best practices and common mistakes to avoid when measuring various aspects of your body. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall […]

Deep Dive into Liquid Mag | Ep 651

In episode 651 of Ageless Energy, Drew Taddia takes you on a deep dive into the incredible benefits of True Form’s best-selling product, Liquid Mag. Originally recorded as a Facebook Live session, this enlightening replay explores why Liquid Mag is a game-changer for your health journey. Discover the unique features and powerful effects of this […]

The Power of Trampoline Workouts | Ep 650

In this episode of Ageless Energy, Drew Taddia interviews Steve Carver, a personal trainer with over 30 years of experience and the Business and Product Development Director at JumpSport. Steve shares his expertise on how trampoline exercises, or rebounding, can revolutionize your workout routine. Discover the scientific reasons behind the superior effectiveness of rebounding compared […]

Ageless Energy Rebranding: A Fresh Start for Women Over 40 | Ep 649

Welcome to the all-new Ageless Energy podcast, where we focus on burning fat, increasing energy, and balancing hormones for women over 40. As a performance coach with over 20 years of experience, Drew Taddia has worked with countless women facing the same struggles you do. This episode marks the exciting rebranding from Exploring Mind and […]

EMB #648: Stress Hormone Alert: How Cortisol Destroys Your Progress

In episode 648 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia delves into the impact of cortisol, the stress hormone, on your health and fitness results. Learn how elevated cortisol levels can sabotage your progress and what you can do to manage stress effectively. Tune in for insightful tips and strategies to keep cortisol in check […]

EMB #647: Breaking Taboos: A Deep Dive into Sexuality

Join us in episode 647 of Exploring Mind and Body for an open and enlightening conversation about sexuality with Nathalie Jackson. Explore various aspects of sexual health, wellness, and identity as we delve into this important topic. Tune in to gain valuable insights and perspectives on navigating sexuality in today’s world. Watch full interview here:

EMB #646: From Pills to Plates: Amy Wilson’s Nutrition Revolution

Amy K. Wilson is a board-certified geriatric pharmacist, a certified fitness professional, and a certified nutrition coach using the FASTer Way to Fat Loss platform. She is disrupting the diet industry and helping her clients regain their health.  Amy’s mission is to empower and equip her clients to take charge of their health and find balance in their […]

EMB #645: Meno Belly: Perimenopause and Bloating

In episode 645, we tackle the topic of ‘Meno Belly’ and its association with perimenopause and bloating. Join us as we delve into the causes and symptoms of bloating during perimenopause, and explore effective strategies for managing this common issue. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort or simply seeking insight, this episode offers valuable information to help […]

EMB #644: Shop Smarter, Not Harder: Revolutionize Your Grocery Experience

In episode 644, join us as we share simple yet effective tips to improve your experience at the grocery store. Whether you dread grocery shopping or simply want to make it more efficient, this episode is for you. Tune in as we discuss strategies to save time, shift your mindset for a more enjoyable experience, […]

EMB #643: How Quality Supplements can Improve your Health

In episode 643, discover everything you need to know about True Form products and their incredible benefits! Join us as we explore the unique features and advantages of our product line, designed to support your health and well-being. We’ll delve into how each product can help you achieve your wellness goals. Tune in to learn […]

EMB #642: Unleashing Cosmic Energy: Igniting Your Life’s Potential

In episode #642 of Exploring Mind and Body, dive into the realm of cosmic energy and explore the profound impact it can have on your life. Join us as we discuss the energy you’re putting out into the universe and how tapping into cosmic energy can unlock your true potential. Discover practical insights and transformative […]

EMB #641: The Hidden Benefits of Magnesium: a Life Changing Mineral

In episode #641 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew delves into the remarkable benefits of magnesium, highlighting its life-changing potential. Discover the hidden advantages of magnesium supplementation, with a focus on the unique benefits of liquid magnesium. Drew shares insights into the creation of their best-selling product, ‘Liquid Mag,’ and explores how it can revolutionize […]

EMB #640: Time Blocking Like a BOSS

In episode #640 of Exploring Mind and Body, learn the art of time blocking like a boss! Join us as we delve into the powerful productivity technique of time blocking, which involves scheduling specific blocks of time for various tasks and activities. Discover how to maximize your efficiency, prioritize tasks effectively, and maintain focus by […]

EMB #639: Debunking Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

In episode #639 of Exploring Mind and Body, we take a critical look at multivitamins and uncover why they may not be as beneficial as commonly believed. Join us as we explore the potential drawbacks of multivitamin supplements, including their questionable effectiveness, potential health risks, and the importance of obtaining nutrients from whole foods. Discover […]

EMB #638: Topical Magnesium Benefits: Essential for Women Over 40

In episode #638 of Exploring Mind and Body, discover the importance of topical magnesium for women over 40. Join us as we delve into the unique benefits of using magnesium topically, especially for women navigating the challenges of aging. Learn how topical magnesium can support overall well-being, ease muscle tension, promote relaxation, and enhance sleep […]

EMB #637: The Forgotten Macro: Unveiling the Power of Greens

In the final episode of our macro nutrient series, #637 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia brings attention to ‘the forgotten one’—greens. Join Drew as he explores the greens macro nutrient, encompassing antioxidants from veggies, fruits, spirulina, chlorella, and more. Discover the importance of incorporating these nutrient-packed greens into your diet and why they […]

EMB #636: Drew’s Guide to Naturally Energize Your Life

In episode #636 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia shares his expertise on naturally gaining more energy. Join Drew as he unravels practical tips and holistic strategies to boost your energy levels without relying on external stimulants. This episode provides valuable insights into cultivating sustainable energy habits for a vibrant and energized lifestyle. Tune […]

EMB #635: Protein Power: Navigating Menopause

In episode #635 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia sheds light on the vital role of protein for menopausal women. Join Drew as he explores the importance of protein in navigating the unique challenges and changes that come with menopause. This episode delves into the specific benefits of protein for women in this stage […]

EMB #634: Demystifying Carbs! Friend or Foe?

In episode #634 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia dives into the world of carbs, unraveling the mysteries surrounding this essential macronutrient. Join Drew as he distinguishes between good and bad carbs, providing insights into the delicate balance of macro nutrients crucial for optimal health. This episode is the second in our four-part series […]

EMB #633: Addictive Wellness

Sage Dammers, the visionary force behind Addictive Wellness, wears many hats as the co-founder, CEO, product formulator, and master chocolatier. His journey into holistic wellness and nutrition commenced during his formative years, propelling him beyond conventional education. Immersed in the ancient herbal systems and nutritional practices of indigenous cultures, particularly Taoist Tonic Herbalism, Sage’s insatiable curiosity laid […]

EMB #632: Deanne’s Success Journey with the MAP Program

In episode #632 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia sits down with Deanne for an inspiring interview. Join us as Deanne shares her firsthand experience with the Metabolism Accelerator Program (MAP), unveiling the details of the program and the incredible results she achieved. This success story provides valuable insights into the MAP program’s effectiveness […]

EMB #631: Decoding Fats: Helpful vs Harmful

In episode #631 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia dives into the world of healthy fats as a crucial macronutrient. Join Drew as he distinguishes between helpful and harmful fats, providing valuable insights on incorporating the right fats into your diet. Discover the importance of healthy fats for overall well-being and gain practical tips […]

EMB #630: Maximize Absorption: Combining Supplements

Join Drew Taddia in episode #630 of Exploring Mind and Body as he unravels the art of combining supplements for maximum absorption. Discover strategies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your supplements, preventing wasted investments. Drew explores the science behind supplement synergy, offering practical tips to optimize absorption and enhance the effectiveness of […]

EMB #629: Sleep Hacking Tips for Better Sleep Habits

In episode #629 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia takes you on a journey into the world of better sleep habits with his expert sleep hacking tips. Dive into this episode to unlock the secrets to a restful night’s sleep. Drew shares insights on optimizing your sleep environment, cultivating healthy bedtime rituals, and busting […]

EMB #628: Energize Your Life! Ignite the Energizer Bunny Within

In episode #628 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia brings the energy from his recent live session straight to your ears! 🔋🔋🔋 Join Drew as he delves into the art of igniting the inner energizer bunny within you. Discover insights on what’s draining your energy, how to manage expectations, and uncover hidden energy drainers […]

EMB #627: Squash Holiday Stress Before it Ruins Your Season

In episode #627 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia unveils powerful strategies to squash holiday stress and preserve the joy of the season. Dive into this episode for practical tips on managing stress before it takes a toll on your well-being. Drew shares insights to help you navigate the holiday hustle with ease, ensuring […]

EMB #626: Holiday Digestion Gobble Wobble

In episode #626 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia extends the festive vibes from his recent live session on ‘Gobble ’til You Wobble: A Digestive Survival Guide for the Holidays.’ 🦃✨ Join Drew as he shares essential tips and tricks for navigating holiday feasts with ease. From tackling gas and bloating to managing indigestion […]

EMB #625: Top Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

In episode #625 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia tackles the holiday hustle with invaluable tips to ease stress in three key areas: finances, family, and food. Join Drew as he shares practical insights and strategies to navigate the festive season with grace, ensuring a harmonious balance between joy and well-being. Dive into this […]

EMB #624: Navigating the Aisles: Grocery Store Hacks

In episode #624 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia shares expert tips on effortlessly navigating your grocery store to save time and find clean, nutritious products. Dive into this insightful discussion to discover hacks for efficient and stress-free grocery shopping, making it easier than ever to make healthy choices. Join Drew as he guides […]

EMB #623: How to see Amazing Results in 90 Days Without Spending hrs in the Gym

Embark on a journey of transformation with episode #623 of Exploring Mind and Body – ‘How to see Amazing Results in 90 Days Without Spending Hours in the Gym.’ Join us as we delve into the principles and transformative insights that have impacted countless lives through our Metabolism Accelerator Program. Discover a step-by-step process that […]

EMB #622: Parenting Power: Building Unbreakable Bonds

In the insightful 622nd episode of Exploring Mind and Body, join Drew Taddia as he explores the transformative power of being present with your children. Discover practical tips and heartfelt discussions on fostering meaningful connections, creating unforgettable moments, and building an unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime. Dive into the world of intentional parenting and […]

EMB #621: 7 Steps to Optimal Wellness

Dr. Mike Van Thielen is a leading figure in the realm of healthcare innovation. As the Medical Director at ClariGenZ Health, he spearheads an exciting venture – a revolutionary pill designed to deliver all the benefits of Adderall without the associated harmful side effects. Simultaneously, Dr. Van Thielen serves as a dedicated treating physician at […]

EMB #620: Unveiling Millionaire Mindsets

In the 620th episode of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia takes us on a journey to Nashville, where he mingles with millionaires at a captivating event. Drew shares his unique experiences, insights, and the valuable lessons he learned about, from money and wealth generation to an effective time management. Join us for an inspiring […]

EMB #619: Candy Control and Halloween Hacks

Halloween is a favorite time of year for me. While I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I can’t help but appreciate the old-school horror movies that bring back nostalgia. I love the costumes and the candy, but it’s essential not to overdo it. This season can be quite stressful for many, but we […]

EMB #618: Kids and Snacking

In the 618th episode of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia shares insightful wisdom about kids and snacking. Discover why having them with you at the grocery store or in the kitchen is a valuable parenting strategy. Tune in for practical tips on nurturing healthy eating habits in your children.

EMB #617: Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid in Supplements

In the 617th episode of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia delves into the world of supplements and reveals the top 5 ingredients you should avoid. Join us for an enlightening discussion on making informed choices for your health and well-being. Don’t miss this important episode on safeguarding your supplements.

EMB #616: The Importance of Putting Yourself First

In this thought-provoking episode of “Exploring Mind and Body” hosted by Drew Taddia, we delve into a crucial aspect of self-care and personal well-being: “The Importance of Putting Yourself First.” Drew shares invaluable insights into why prioritizing your own needs and self-care is not only essential but also beneficial to your overall health and happiness. […]

EMB #615: How to Find Motivation and Inspiration

In this inspiring episode of the podcast “Exploring Mind and Body” with Drew Taddia, discover the keys to unlocking your inner motivation and finding boundless inspiration. Drew delves deep into the intricacies of motivation, exploring various strategies and techniques to help you reignite your passion and drive for achieving your goals. Whether you’re facing a […]

EMB #614: How to Remember When to Take your Supplements

In this enlightening episode of Exploring Mind and Body, listeners are treated to a valuable discussion on a topic many of us struggle with: “How to Remember When to Take your Supplements.” Drawing from a Facebook Live session held in the engaging “Simplifying Nutrition for Busy Moms” group by True Form Life, Drew shares insightful […]

EMB #613: The Difference Between a Shake and a Smoothie

Join host Drew Taddia on a delightful journey through the world of nutrition in this enlightening episode of Exploring Mind and Body. Drew takes the mic to unravel the mysteries surrounding shakes and smoothies, helping you understand the key distinctions and the incredible health benefits each can offer. In this episode, Drew breaks down the […]

EMB #612: How to Stay on Track while on the Road

In this enlightening episode of Exploring Mind and Body, your host Drew dives deep into the art of maintaining your health and fitness regimen while on the road. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a road tripper, or someone constantly on the move, Drew’s insights will help you stay on track with your wellness goals, no […]

EMB #611: The Hidden Costs of Fitness Programs

Join Drew on this edition of Exploring Mind and Body, as he talks about the hidden costs of fitness programs. Today he delves into the often overlooked aspects of embarking on a fitness program. In a world where time is a precious commodity and finances play a significant role, this podcast explores how these resources […]

EMB #610: How to Properly Measure Success

In this thought-provoking episode of Exploring Mind and Body, host Drew Taddia delves deep into the fascinating subject of measuring success. While the podcast primarily caters to busy moms seeking insights into nutrition, fitness, and accountability, this episode transcends those boundaries to offer universal wisdom applicable to anyone’s journey. Success is often narrowly defined by […]

EMB #609: Make your Home a Sanctuary

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Exploring Mind and Body. In a world overflowing with distractions and allure, your home stands as the core of your existence—a place where you can shape your surroundings to reflect your intentions. Join host Drew as he unravels the art of cultivating an environment brimming with positivity while navigating […]

EMB #608: Busy Moms Step out of the Fitness Matrix

In this eye-opening episode of Drew Taddia’s Exploring Mind and Body, we dive headfirst into a world that has ensnared so many: the “Busy Mom Fitness Matrix.” Drew Taddia, your guide on this journey of transformation, takes you on a path of discovery, helping busy moms break free from the clutches of an overly demanding […]