EMB #597: Solutions for Hair Loss In Women   Recently updated !

Dr. Alan Bauman is an accomplished hair restoration physician known for his expertise in treating hair loss and his pioneering work in the field. Since starting his medical hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997, he has treated over 33,000 patients, performed over 12,000 hair transplant procedures, and administered over 12,000 PRP treatments. His state-of-the-art […]

EMB #596: Random Thoughts #5

This show is a bunch of little snippets, so if you guys aren’t quite familiar with us on social media, that’s what we do. We’re all over social media. We do lives, we do reels, we do stories, we do posts, and we’ve been doing that for years. That’s kind of how we have grown […]

EMB #595: Painful Joy

A few decades after Max J. Friedman’s parents died, his grandson asked to know more about Friedman’s parents, a pair of Holocaust survivors who met in a Swedish refugee camp and came to America to start over. Friedman realized he knew very little of who his parents really were, especially about their lives before they met […]

EMB #594: Summer Time Weight Gain

In this episode of Exploring Mind & Body, Drew Taddia discusses why summer can be the hardest time of year to stick to a health and fitness program. Contrary to popular belief, Drew argues that summertime, with its endless barbecues, can actually lead to more weight gain than the holiday season. However, fear not! Drew […]

EMB #593: Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine

Ellen Goldsmith is a nationally board certified, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Her integrative body centered and intuitive approach is grounded in decades of study and experience which are key to collaborating and working with people to help them reach their goals. Ellen’s expertise and dedication to the advancement of Asian and natural medicine extends to her years […]

EMB #592: How to Detox from Sugar

We’re super excited to launch another 10 day online sugar detox! We’ve done plenty of other detoxes in the past so this is a natural progression that we’ve been wanting to do for awhile now! We’ll try to keep this information post as clear and as simple as possible.   Where   You don’t have […]

EMB #591: How to Optimize your Workouts with your Supplements

Today we’re focusing on supplements to improve your performance in your workouts. So this is going to be a fun one. We want to jump on here and offer some value and some information. So usually, I mean, in the in the more recent past, we did a bunch of exciting live product launches and […]

EMB #590: The Connection Between Athleticism and the Environment

Justin Frandson is a renowned Athleticism Performance Coach and author. He specializes in nerve work, and is the founder of Athleticism.com and EMFRocks.com. He has been working in the field of athletic performance for over 25 years. Justin is the author of, Athleticism: Whole Body + Whole Brain + Performance, which delves into the connection […]

EMB #589: Why Gyms are a Recipe for Failure

Today we are talking about why the gym is a recipe for disaster. When I say gym, I’m talking about conventional gyms. I’m going to talk about the history of gyms, which could be a bit boring for some, but I’m only going to touch on that for a moment. I’m going to tell you […]

EMB #588: Create a Deep Connection with Yourself

Tarun is the founder of Adios and Venus. Adios is a mental wellbeing company that enables you to improve your clarity of thought and peace of mind through a regular habit of Contemplation.  If you live your life largely looking outward and not inward, you may not create a deep connection with yourself, so you […]