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EMB #229: Get More Out of Your Day

The #1 reason people┬átell┬áme they didn’t go workout, grocery shop or prepare their meals is because they say they have no time. So I thought, why not do a show on how to get more out of your day, so there’s more time doing the things you want or feel you don’t have time for. […]

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The dangers of instant results

5/5 – Dangers of Instant Results

In this show I want to talk about the dangers of instant results because we live in an instant result society which doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. The first step is to understand that we’re conditioned this way. We didn’t always expect an answer right back. Remember when you wrote a letter and it […]

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EMB #228: Results in 10 Days with Dorothy Keith 3

We all go through times in our lives when we experience lack of motivation, we all fall off track and we all need help to head back in the direction we want to go. These are the reasons I wanted to interview Dorothy on her results in 10 days. The reason why I want to […]

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Results in 10 Days

Reduce the risk of a heart attack

5/5 – Reduce the Risk of a Heart Attack

I want to talk about how to reduce the risk of a heart attack because the subject has been on my mind. I feel like this is a subject we push under the rug instead of address. The truth is heart attacks don’t happen when they happen, they happen years before anything physical appears. And […]

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EMB #227: Four Purposes of Life with Dan Millman 1

I couldn’t be more excited to bring another interview to you on Exploring Mind and Body featuring Dan Millman. One of my favourite authors and guests on the show, this is Dan’s 4th’s appearance! Which is only fitting given the title of his book we’re talking about today. I always feel grateful to have Dan […]

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Four Purposes of Life

Going Phoneless

5/5 – Going Phoneless 5

I’ve been ‘cell’ phoneless for about 6 weeks now. I recently wrote about not using a cell phone and since then lots of people have been asking me ‘how its going’. As much as I appreciate the interest, it seems like so many of us have forgotten what life has been like when we didn’t […]

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EMB #228: Tobin Blake a Healing Journey

In this interview of Exploring Mind and Body I’m talking with Tobin Blake who wrote the book The Healing of Jordan Young. This is a story where Tobin talks about how he helped heal Jordan who is his daughters boyfriend from lymphomic dis-ease. Who is Tobin Blake: Tobin Blake, the author of The Power of […]

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benefits of fermented foods

5/5 – Benefits of Fermented Foods 3

I love fermented foods, in fact I have them in some form everyday, usually in the morning. This is a staple in our Monthly Membership Program where we put together a 2 part series to show the importance and benefits of fermented foods. In this show, in 5 minutes I offer my 5 best tips […]

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EMB #226: Car Health and Tire Safety

In this show I wanted to talk about something a little different. I’m always looking for new and interesting topics to share with you, so I thought why not bring on an expert in Car Health to talk about Car Health and Tire Safety. The truth of the matter is, most of us drive cars […]

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Car Health and Tire Safety