Kelly Gonzales talks Power of Visualization

Kelly Gonzales talks Power of Visualization, is an interview I put together to show you in importance of visualization and to show you how to do it. Kelly Gonzales will be offering some fantastic tips on how this can change your life.

Who is Kelly Gonzales?

Kelly is a movement and fit lifestyle coach, certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, writer, and speaker with over 12 years of experience. She believes mindful movement is the gateway to self-discovery and mastery. As a teacher and motivator Kelly inspires you to BE the SPARK, to embrace growth on all levels, discover what works best for you, and to cultivate intrinsic motivation for a fit lifestyle. More details on Kelly here.

Kelly Gonzales talks Power of Visualization

Show Notes:

  • have a clear vision of what you want
  • see yourself doing that
  • feel it
  • create a vision board
  • see other people doing what you want to do
  • practice your visualization twice a day (every morning and every evening)
  • morning is best before ‘the world gets to you’
  • does what you’re doing each day align with your ultimate vision
  • hold yourself accountable
  • we do things for other people but not ourselves
  • find your happiness, happiness is contagious
  • program your subconscious mind
  • turn your emotional connections into habits
  • look for small wins
  • visualize steps to your ultimate goal
  • journal every morning if you can
  • believe in yourself
  • have fun with visualization
  • make you vision detailed
  • write our your morning routine (set your day up for success)
  • release anger
  • this doesn’t have to be formal, sit, lay, visualize wherever you want

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