5/5 – Post workout nutriton don’ts

Here’s what you should be staying away from after a workout.

Sports drinks

Stay away from highly toxic sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, etc. Anything that doesn’t seem to have an expiration date, highlighted colours, and more all have preservatives, additives and toxins our body doesn’t recognize, utilize and absorb.

Which means these products do more damage than good.

Chocolate milk goes under the same category. There’s usually refined sugar in chocolate milk, now I don’t know where this idea came from but I’ve heard it numerous times. You definitely don’t want to put anything in your body that will cause more hard (like refined sugar).

I wouldn’t recommend coffee before or after a workout either because of dehydration.

Fast Food

I know this sounds like a given but I have actually heard people talk about hitting the drive through on the way home from the gym. And just because it’s not the drive through doesn’t mean it’s not fast food or what fast food represents rather.

Put quality nutrients in your body after a workout and make sure you have a meal planned at home so you’re not temped to hit the drive through. More on processed food here.

post workout nutrition don'ts

Not Eating 

Have nothing in your body is as dangerous as putting low quality in. Now I’m not saying you should put anything in your body just so you’re not, not eating. But it’s important to fuel your body properly and replace the nutrients there were lost and burned off during a workout.

No need to think, ‘if I have anything after my workout, this workout will go to waste’. Not the case, replenish you body after a good workout.

Don’t go crazy on ‘what’

It’s easy to obsess on ‘what’ we should eat after a workout and with all the controversial information out there it’s no wonder. Remember to focus on quality, put some quality nutrients in your body and don’t focus on ‘only protein’ for example.

Focus on good quality nutrients after a workout and you’ll be helping your body heal. Which is exactly what you want to do.

Stay away from post workout powders 

This goes for post workout powder and protein powders as well. Read the ingredients, pay attention to everything you’re putting in your body not just one substance (protein content for example). Many times we put toxins in our body not realizing it because we’re only focusing on one thing.

For a better quality protein look at Complete Truth Protein. 


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