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Be Careful for What You Wish for

In this post I talk about be careful for what you wish for because many times we have exactly what we want and aren’t able to appreciate it. More times than not we have lovely homes, a wonderful family, a good job and nice car but we still want more. Now I’m not saying there […]

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EMB #181: Dealing with Controversy

Show Notes! Dealing with controversy is a hot topic. We all deal with controversy on different levels. Some of us avoid dealing with controversy and don’t realize how much stress it causes. Some of us look for controversy and others aren’t sure what to when it arises. In this show I’m going to openly talk […]

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Accepting Mediocre 1

Accepting mediocre is a mind set, one that we don’t have to accept if we’re looking to improve our situation in life. I think many times we feel like this is just the way it is, not realizing we can change our circumstances. Eye Vision How come we simply accept our eye vision to decline […]

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EMB# 180: Reduce Stress in the Workplace

We all know what it’s like to be stressed out at work. We know what it’s like when a boss, coworker or even employee stresses us out. So I put together this show to help you better understand how to reduce stress in the work place. Stress plays such a vital role in our overall […]

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Valentines Day

This show about Valentines Day was actually cut out from show #79. I did a separate intro and extro talked about my thoughts about V Day. I also have a new 10 Day Love Detox to share with you. Seems a little crazy that over 2 years ago I have content to share with you. […]

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EMB #179: Designing a Fitness Program

Today on Exploring Mind and Body Jamie-Dee Marshall will be joining, a fitness professional that will be talking about designing a fitness program specific for your needs. Many times we show up at a gym and don’t know what to do, we get the mind set of ‘I need to get in better shape, and […]

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Morning Routines for Success 12

Did you know the most successful people in the world have morning routines? Personally, the only time I have a set routine in the morning. I follow my morning routines religiously and recommend if you’re looking for success you develop and stick to yours as closely as possible. In this show, I welcome you into […]

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morning routines for success

naturally healed from dis-ease

EMB #178: Naturally Healed from Dis-ease 3

David Gaynor tells a gripping story of how he was Naturally Healed from Dis-ease through probiotics, enzymes, raw food, faith and a positive mind set. You may have first heard about David when I mentioned him on the Revitalize Conference show when I talked about incredible his story is. Well it’s been awhile but we […]

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