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EMB #153: Finding Your Life Purpose

Nathalie P is back with on Exploring Mind and Body and this time she’s talking about Finding Your Life Purpose.  If you missed the last show she was on check out show #148 Think Yourself Think. Nathalie P is a life coach, author, speaker, Zumba instructor and so much more!  She’s also a sponsor of […]

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finding your life purpose

EMB #152: The Truth about Protein Supplements 1

Protein supplements is the topic on the edition of Exploring Mind and Body, more specifically I’ll be talking about Complete Truth Protein. *Here is an excerpt from the show transcript that I thought would be beneficial for you to read* Food Above All Else Because I believed in food so much I knew this this […]

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EMB #151: Living Gluten Free

Today I interview Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Boisvert on living Gluten Free who has personally done so for many years.  This is a growing topic that I’m actually surprised we haven’t talked about before.  There is certainly a growing number of people that seem to be getting diagnosed with celiac or are gluten intolerant which is […]

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Living Gluten Free with Nicole Boisvert

EMB #150: Finding Success 2

Finding Success is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  First of all welcome to show #150,  being on air for  this many shows and almost 3 years has been an absolute please.  There’s been so many lessons learned and positive aspects that have come out of this show, I’m so grateful it’s been […]

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