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EMB #207: Making Fitness Fun

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Scott Johnson who as you’ll soon find out has a background full of experience through many different ways of exercise, health and fitness. Jason tells a great story of how his father would wake him up at 10 years old and take him running down the country […]

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making fitness fun

Time Management with Andy McDermott

EMB #206: Time Management with Andy McDermott

It was an absolute pleasure having Andy McDermitt on Exploring Mind and Body for an interview. You’ll quickly find out how genuine Andy is and how much worldly experience he has to share with us. I’m not sure we’ve had such a traveled guest on Exploring Mind and Body after 4 years. From an actor […]

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Improving Your Mind Set

I love the mind set, I really do. I’ve always believed the body follows the mind. I’ve also always believed deep down we can have, do and be whatever it is we want in this life. The only limiting factor is our own mind set, our own story and our own beliefs. I’ve brought on […]

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improving your mind set

importance of supporting local

Importance of Supporting Local 1

I love supporting local, I really do. Everything about supporting local resonates with me. Admittedly so, I’m not a fan of box stores, low quality products, little to none customer service and other aspects of mass production with sole purpose of bringing ‘more’ to market when more times than not we have enough (‘more’ than […]

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EMB #206: Death Race Finisher Noel D’arcy 1

For most of my life I’ve been the athlete, funny how I find myself in a new position in life as more so the coach. I can’t say I’ve entirely understood coaches (I had a hard time really connecting with most I’ve had). But the experience is entirely different. You work so hard to prepare […]

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death race finisher noel darcy

life lessons of a slackline

Life Lessons from a Slackline 2

There were so many life lessons I’ve learned from just learning how to slackline I had to share them with you. It’s so important to learn new things in this life. We see from a different perspective while learning something new. This slackline was something I’ve never tried before but have seen many times while […]

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EMB #205: How to Fight FatFlammation 2

I couldn’t be more excited to bring Dr. Lori Shemek back on Exploring Mind and Body for another interview to talk about her new book How to Fight FatFlammation. I love Dr. Lori’s more natural and sustainable approach to weight loss. Her perspective regarding weight loss is a breath of fresh air in the industry […]

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how to fight fatflammation

goals for success

Goals for Success 2

In this show I talk about the importance of setting goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s for health and fitness, business or for personal reasons. Setting goals makes a significant difference in how you go about what you’re doing if you have a goal with it. I’m a big fan of Danzel Washington, not just […]

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EMB #204: Overcome Anything with Alvin Law 2

What an absolute pleasure to have Alvin Law on this edition of Exploring Mind and Body. Due to the morning sickness drug called Thalidomide and the side affects, Alvin was born without arms. A gripping story of being put up by adoption and raised by a very positive mother and father in a foster home […]

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overcome anything with alvin law

Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Fagone

Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Fagone

It was an absolute having Nicole come on the show to share some of her expertise with us. Personally I’ve had a growing interest in yoga. I came across Nicole’s practice in Manhattan Beach and have really enjoyed the way she teaches. From the music, to the movement, to her explanations and the way she […]

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