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Hey Folks!  My name is Drew Taddia and I host the Ageless Energy podcast.  While traveling the world following my passion of baseball, I always had a deep interest in health and fitness; in fact, I attribute being strong and healthy and rarely being injured to how seriously I took workouts and nutrition not only during season but in preparation for it.  You see when I left Canada to play in the US, I couldn’t rely on mere athletic ability anymore, I had to put in the work to remain there.  But ‘getting by’ wasn’t good enough, I wanted to be better than that.  So I turned to nutrition and workouts; I figured if I could spend more time teaching and experimenting on myself to find out what works and what doesn’t, what would make me perform better on the field with different foods and different workouts I could be better than the next guy.  After a short time with my nose always in a nutrition magazine, while sitting next to a stack of weights, many people came to me for advise.

As I moved up the ranks and played in different states and countries you might imagine being in a stressful situation of competition, and then competition in foreign countries with different languages, customs and norms both on and off the field, my travels were filled with many ups and downs, many failures and successes.  So with my love of exercise and nutrition I now teach it full time, not only food and exercise but lifestyle as well.  Personally I feel lifestyle addresses both subjects and that’s how I teach, lifestyle first and then the by products of eating right and being active.  My experiences in life, athletics, travel, success and failure have all lead me to a path of sharing my trials and tribulations with others….

And that’s exactly what this show is about.  With a different perspective, an ‘outside the box’ way of thinking; I share a different point of view on life.  It’s all directed towards health, fitness and lifestyle in some way or another.  I rarely believe in the norm, I don’t have a problem sharing my opinion and a lot of it will go against what we’ve been taught for years; but I think if you listen with an open mind, you’ll be able to understand maybe everything we’ve been taught isn’t right, maybe there’s another way.

There’s a number of other things I do directed towards health and fitness:

  • I designed Complete Truth Protein, which is a whole food supplement.  Briefly, I was tired of reading the back of supplements with toxins and chemicals in them and then trying to recommend one of them to my clients, so I designed my own.
  • I’m an author of Detoxify Yourself, it’s a simple beginners guide to show you how to live a lifestyle detox, free of refined sugar and processed foods.  It also covers 30 days of exactly what to eat, how to prepare meals with simple recipes and other tools to help you be successful like shopping lists and clearing mind clutter.  The 30 day meal plan is also free of gluten, dairy, soy and gmo’s.
  • I also personal train, and teach fitness classes and you can find out more information here.

That’s about it, I hope you enjoy the show, please share shows, leave comments and send me a message if you like.  After being on air 2 years and passing the milestone of 100 shows, I realized this really could be something.  So this is all for you, I designed this website, put more effort into the show, and you can even now listen on podcasts.  So again I hope you enjoy and I wish you all the best in your lifestyle to a healthy way of living.

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