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Stress of Halloween Candy

Today I wanted to talk about the stress of halloween candy because with halloween right around the corner this is a stressful time for many. We may be trying to live a healthier lifestyle but halloween candy is all over the place. It’s at work, at grocery stores (X 10), it advertised on tv, its […]

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EMB #213: Self Love with Janis E McKinstry 2

It was an absolute pleasure to talk about self love with Janis McKinstry on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body.  Janis begins by talking about how she was diagnosed with more than a couple auto immune dis-eases and how she wasn’t getting the care or answers she was looking for. So she decided to […]

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Importance of a Success Journal 1

It’s hard to put into words the importance of a success journal and how much it can actually change your life. Now I’m not talking about a regular nutrition journal, or even recording your food electronically. I’m talking about a separate success journal that is more of a personal journal of your health. In this […]

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stroke survivor

Stroke Survivor Louise Landry 2

I had the pleasure of interviewing Louise Landry on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body who as you’ll soon find out is not only a stroke survivor but a stroke thriver.  Louise has been a member our of group detoxes, challenge and now monthly membership for quite some time and is nothing less than an […]

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EMB #213: Benefits of Pilates

On this show I had the pleasure of interviewing Colleen Manning on who talks about the Benefits of Pilates. Colleen is a local business owner of Studio Pilates locally in Red Deer.  There are so many benefits to pilates and take aways from this show that Colleen explains throughout. It was interesting to hear Colleen’s […]

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benefits of pilates

EMB #212: Fitness Habits for Kids 1

On todays show I welcome Steve Stearns on Exploring Mind and Body to talk about Fitness habits for kids. This is an important topic that I’m passionate about because I believe we give our youth such an advantage in life at starting them out early with healthy habits, not only with fitness but nutrition as […]

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Holiday Nutrition Tips 1

In this show I wanted to talk about Holiday Nutrition Tips because Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up very soon, and US Thanksgiving is just around corner. Now I know we have listeners from around the world so it may not be Thanksgiving for you but most of us have some type of celebration during some […]

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holiday nutrition tips