Monthly Archives: October 2014

Let them haters hate 2

Alright so this show is called let them haters hate because there’s always someone that will show their true colors from time to time and let them know how they really feel about you (and often your work). I threw up this post not too long ago which received an incredibly positive response which also […]

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somatic healing

EMB #166: Somatic Healing 1

Somatic Healing is a more natural approaching to improving lives. Personally I believe the world as a whole is working more toward natural approaches and that’s no different from what Jesse Hanson is doing at the Helix Healthcare Centre. The Helix Healthcare Group is a stat of the art wellness facility in Toronto Canada, that […]

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Good Bye to an American Hero 1

In this post I really wanted to give Derek Jeter his due. He’s a professional baseball player that recently ended his career and will go down as one of the best players that ever played the game. I very much disliked the Yankees for most of my career but it’s worth noting that Jeter did […]

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Reverse physiology of weight loss 1

In this show I’m talking the reverse physiology of weight loss. So many people have issues around weight loss, well I’m what you call a ‘hard gainer’ and I’m sure there is a lot of people that haven’t even heard of this concept but trust me when I say there is a HUGE demographic of […]

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EMB #165: Detox After the Holidays 1

So, many of us at least in Canada just finished with Turkey Dinner and our wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving! Which means many people are feeling guilty, bloated, and far off the tracks of how well they were just doing. It doesn’t matter how well we plan or how strong we try to stick to our […]

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detox after the holidays

Gain energy naturally

EMB #164: Gain Energy Naturally

How to gain energy naturally isn’t always a question on our mind but it should be. So many people grab a coffee, soda/pop or another product filled with caffeine, refined sugar and other substances ‘to wake us up’ not thinking about the crash that’s sure to come. We also don’t think about other factors in […]

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EMB #163: Counting Calories 7

The number 1 reason counting calories is nonsense is because every calorie is not created equally. You can’t possibly tell me a cracker, and crackers are some of the worst highly processed foods filled with chemicals you can find, and an apple have an equivalent quality of calorie. If your goal is 1200 calories a […]

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