EMB #212: Fitness Habits for Kids

On todays show I welcome Steve Stearns on Exploring Mind and Body to talk about Fitness habits for kids. This is an important topic that I’m passionate about because I believe we give our youth such an advantage in life at starting them out early with healthy habits, not only with fitness but nutrition as well.

My first interaction with Steve was him actually interviewing me on his Outside Health and Fitness Podcast. We had such a great connection I welcome Steve on my show to talk about this subject we’re both passionate about.

Steve is a father of 3, podcaster, works in the radio industry and hosts a couple of his own shows. Being a fitness advocate and father I asked Steve what some of his most significant tips are in regards to fitness habits for kids.

Show Notes:

  • getting more active personally
  • remembering what it’s like to be active and fit from childhood
  • finding his love of activity
  • raising kids in the ‘technology’ age
  • setting an example
  • treating your kids like people (and asking their opinion)
  • have conversations with your child and let them choose
  • let your child motivate you
  • find other ways to get involved with your children and fitness or physical activities ( Geo Caching )
  • And you can find more details on how to keep your kids health here.


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