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In this show I wanted to talk about Holiday Nutrition Tips because Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up very soon, and US Thanksgiving is just around corner. Now I know we have listeners from around the world so it may not be Thanksgiving for you but most of us have some type of celebration during some point of the year, weather that’s Christmas a Birthday or another social gathering.

I opened up the show with an entertaining testimonial from one of my online clients Ray Cavin:

Drew is a sick freak. He makes me exercise and be more active. For the love of god he wants me to swim! Do you know how many people are attacked by sharks swimming every year? The clean eating thing confuses me too? One minute he’s telling me eat fresh veggies and cut out the refined sugars and grains, next he’s saying I need to drink spoiled juices with bacteria in them called Kombucha. Drew has also dismantled many of my friendships with some long term friends. True friends like the Panago pizza delivery kid, the A&W bear, and the waitress at the pub on wing night. Could I describe Drew’s coaching in one word? Yes…. Insanity.

holiday nutrition tips

Show Notes:

  • Go in to your event with a plan, have a good idea of how your day or weekend will go
  • host whenever possible, this gives you more control over the situation
  • have a meal before you arrive if you aren’t hosting so you’re not starving when appetizers come around
  • Fill half of your plate with veggies and try to eat at least half of those first
  • the other larger portion of your plate should be meat (or protein), eat that next if possible
  • and then the smallest portion of your plate should be carbs – we usually pile on the mashed potatoes and gravy first and it’s the biggest portion of our plate, try to avoid this
  • Plan a meal after dinner so you know you have food to go home to
  • leave early, we all know drinks and desserts are the only thing available late into the evening so if at all possible leave early
  • let go of guilt

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