EMB #213: Self Love with Janis E McKinstry 2

It was an absolute pleasure to talk about self love with Janis McKinstry on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body.  Janis begins by talking about how she was diagnosed with more than a couple auto immune dis-eases and how she wasn’t getting the care or answers she was looking for. So she decided to take her health in her own hands and heal herself.

Janis now teaches others with audio immune dis-ease how they can take control of their health as well and work towards living a healthy lifestyle.


Show Notes:

  • diagnosed with Hashimoto dis-ease
  • wasn’t happy with conventional medicine results
  • decided to cut out synthetic and toxic substances in her life which include people, chemicals, certain processed food and more
  •  also cut out soy, diary, corn and gluten among other things
  • ‘love yourself before someone else loves you’
  • look into the mirror and practice saying ‘no’, help yourself understand it’s okay to say no
  • if you say yes to someone regarding something you don’t want to do you’re saying no to yourself
  • declutter your life
  • clean up your work space, home place…
  • read ingredients (on everything from fabric softener to dish soap)
  • move stagnant energy from your home
  • create a ritual
  • smile – spread the joy
  • learn how to say no and when to say yes
  • understand your personal boundaries

If you want to follow along with Janice and learn more about her and what information she puts out there, you can find her at her Facebook page called The Healing Soulution.

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