Stress of Halloween Candy

Today I wanted to talk about the stress of halloween candy because with halloween right around the corner this is a stressful time for many. We may be trying to live a healthier lifestyle but halloween candy is all over the place.

It’s at work, at grocery stores (X 10), it advertised on tv, its in the lunch room, customers are brining it in. Then of course there’s the kids which makes it extra difficult if we’re trying to teach our kids how to eat healthy as well.

So what is one to do at this time of year with the stress of Halloween candy on many of our minds, how do we avoid it, how do we teach our children differently and how do we not gain an extra albs at this time of year?

In this show I go over tips and suggestions on how you can stay healthy at this time of year, set an example for your children and avoid the usual holiday weight that comes along with all the extra candy.

stress of halloween candy

Show notes:

Office suggestions

  • Bring in healthier snacks to the office
  • let people know this is a healthy zone
  • talk about it, don’t hide it
  • management needs to know


  • Let them know ahead of time
  • give them more credit
  • don’t surprise them so it feels like you’re taking away from them
  • make a trade – trade their unhealthy candy for something better quality
  • buy their bag of candy

Have healthier snacks around the house: 

  • Fruit to go snack
  • bananas with shredded coconut and chocolate chips
  • decorate oranges as pumpkins
  • baked pumpkin seeds


Discuss this with the kids, ‘you reap what you sew’

It applies to many aspects of life I find.

Good thoughts will bring good feelings.

Good food will bring good health.

Good friendships will bring good times.

 Good actions will bring a good life.

In the long run, that is.

As Thoreau would say “goodness is the only investment that never fails”.


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