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It’s hard to put into words the importance of a success journal and how much it can actually change your life. Now I’m not talking about a regular nutrition journal, or even recording your food electronically. I’m talking about a separate success journal that is more of a personal journal of your health. In this post I put together all of my most significant tips to help you create your own success journal that will without a doubt change your life.

#1. Use a separate book

Don’t use your work schedule, don’t use a tiny note pad that you can hardly write in. Get yourself a separate book that you’ll be proud to carry with you.

#2. Carry with you at all times

This success journal is to be with you everywhere you go. Your success rate actually lowers if you try to remember everything that you consumed and record at the end of the day. Carry this book with you knowing whatever you eat in that moment will be immediately recorded.


#3. Take Progress Pictures

98% of people that don’t take progress pictures at the beginning of their health journey tell me they wish they had. We’re all looking for progress is some way, there’s a big difference between knowing you’re losing weight and getting in better shape, seeing on on a tape measure and even a scale, than it is seeing your body transform with your own eyes through pictures. TAKE PROGRESS PICTURES or you’ll wish you had.

#4. Use a Measuring Tape (not a scale)

I often talk about how the scale is the least accurate measure of success. You’ll do yourself a whole lot of good if you take your measurements each week, record them in your success journal and stay away from that scale.

#5. Record everything you consume

Everything you eat, everything you drink, especially your cheat meals and treats should be recorded. It’s important you write down even if you don’t want to write down. You need to see what you’re consuming each day so you can start to see a pattern in your eating habits.

#6. Watch for a pattern

As humans we are creatures of habit, we crate patters every single day. This is no different with food. The food patters we create often show us the cause of mood swings, cravings, emotions and more including digestive issues, nasal congestion and more. This is why it’s so important to record everything. I mentioned in this show, ‘How I healed Myself‘, that I was able to see what foods my body didn’t agree with by recording in my own success journal.

#7. Write down inspiring quotes at the top of each page

What we’re doing throughout this success journal is slowly changing your mind set. It’s important to continually write down and see positivity each day. This could be from a tip, a quote and words from someone you aspire to. Whatever it is that day, write it down at the top of the page because each time you open that success journal you’ll be able to see it and reinforce that positivity in your life.


#8. Record your fitness routines as well

This success journal will have in it everything that has to do with your health, everything that contributes to the success of your health. Fitness is a key component. Now some times we miss workouts and don’t think about them, some times we think we workout more than we actually do and we may even be missing a well deserved off day to let our bodies heal and recover. Make sure you’re writing down your workouts so you can refer back to them and have a better understand of what workouts you’ve done and how often.

#9. What you did great and what you can work on

In the last area of your success journal you are going to take some space out to continue to change your mind set and stay focused on the positive. Write the words ‘what I did great today’, and fill out below what you did well. Don’t skip this step, it’s very important you find something each and everyday that you did great. What happens here is, we’re training our brain to not only find something great but to do something great each day.

And the next part of this step is to ask yourself ‘what can I do better tomorrow, this is setting your day up for success by knowing the night before what you’ll be working on and how you can improve the next day.

#10. Record, record, record

Use this success journal religiously and you will find success with it. Record what you eat, how you slept, how your workout went. Take progress pictures and measurements each week, let your journal know how your day went. This is a friends it keeps you accountable and takes you to the next level. You’ll have to use this book to make it affected and affective is exactly what it will be.

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