EMB #213: Benefits of Pilates

On this show I had the pleasure of interviewing Colleen Manning on who talks about the Benefits of Pilates. Colleen is a local business owner of Studio Pilates locally in Red Deer.  There are so many benefits to pilates and take aways from this show that Colleen explains throughout.

It was interesting to hear Colleen’s story of having a hole in her heart which needed open heart surgery at age 8. She said, after that she valued her health knowing that our health really is a gift and you stay active simply because you can.

Show Notes:

  • do the best you can with what you’ve got
  • smaller group classes
  • more emphasis on the individual
  • looking to improve faulty movement patterns
  • 5 principals of pilates
  • stop talking so much and listen to your clients, they’ll tell you what they need
  • what does it mean to be fit to you?

benefits of pilates

It’s an absolute pleasure to have Colleen on the show to share these health benefits with us.  It’s hard to believe after 4 years on air we haven’t had a Pilates Professional come on to share more information and all the benefits it has to offer. I suppose we can look at the olds saying ‘good things come to those that wait’.

Colleen’s an absolute breath of fresh air in the industry and I’d like to wish her, the studio and her new business ventures all the success in the world! We certainly need more people like her education our society about health.

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