Stroke Survivor Louise Landry

I had the pleasure of interviewing Louise Landry on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body who as you’ll soon find out is not only a stroke survivor but a stroke thriver.  Louise has been a member our of group detoxes, challenge and now monthly membership for quite some time and is nothing less than an inspiration.

With her participation, encouraging comments and updates on her own workouts, others are sure to push themselves just a bit more knowing there are others like Louise working with them.

Louise facilitates her own peer support groups for other stroke survivors in which she talks about during our interview. More on the interview in the show notes…..

Show Notes:

  • what is a stroke
  • how Louise was affected
  • what limitations she deals with and get through each day
  • living as a stroke survivor
  • not believing in the ‘victim role’
  • pushing past limits
  • setting goals 
  • encouraging other stroke survivors

stroke survivor

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Louise and having her apart of our groups, in fact I’m not sure if I can think of anyone more supportive with all that we do as a True Form Life Community.  I feel so grateful I have the opportunity to share Louise’s story with you, and hopefully offer some inspiration and knowledge around being a stroke survivor and how to better understand each of our circumstances.

We all have different paths in this life, we all have a choice as to what mind set we choose and what direction we take in our lives. I’m so happy Louise has such a positive mind set, inspiring others in our group, even myself at times and with her peer visits for other stroke survivors as well.

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