EMB #208: Real People Real Results

It was an absolute pleasure having Chantal Denis on Exploring Mind and Body today to talk about her results from our 10 day fitness challenge. I believe there is path that can be followed and repeated not only for Chantal but for you as well, which is why I wanted to share her success with you.

Chantal will talk about being a career woman, a mother of 2 and still finding the time to workout on a regular basis. Below you’ll see a picture of her very impressive results. I would like to note that Chantal jumped into the program with two feet, completing each workout and following the program as it was meant.

In the show you’ll also hear her talk about how she ran on the side, did yoga daily and also made better nutrition choices. This is an important factor when seeing results like hers and also when jumping into any type of challenge.

real people real results

Show Notes:

  • Chantal’s kids would workout with her
  • setting a good example for your children
  • eating better
  • yoga and meditation
  • workout at home
  • morning workouts
  • inspiring others
  • skinny is the new strong

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