EMB #211: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

I had an absolute blast during my presentation at Health Street, and always appreciate being welcomed to their events. In this particular presentation the topic was Adrenal Fatigue. This show in part was much of what I covered in which I wanted share with you.

Unfortunately, we’re stressed out as a society. There are so many stressors in our lives and so few actions taken to reduce stress, so our bodies don’t have a choice but to be stressed out. So I decided to share my top 4 categories on how to reduce stress.

Top 4 Categories on how to reduce stress


Few could deny, as humans we are creatures of habit. We sleep on the same side of the bed, park in the same stall at work (even if we have other options), eat breakfast on the same side of the table, even watch tv on the same side of the couch.

We, in large part live our lives out of habit. This goes for both healthy and unhealthy circumstances. When we crave unhealthy choices in the evening it’s mainly because we’ve conditioned our bodies to expect unhealthy decisions whether that be dessert after a meal or chips and pop when watching a movie.

If we’re wake up stressed out because we have to go to work in the morning, this is a habit. For example we could start to be grateful we have a job which would instantly reduce stress.

*Let’s go with point form from here on out, for a full written post find details here.


  • Processed food stresses our body out more
  • put quality food in your body so you’re more able to deal with stress
  • stay away from stimulants like alcohol, tobacco and lower quality foods especially when stressed out
  • work to create heathy nutrition habits instead of looking for sugar, fatty foods at this time


  • Exercise is the #1 way to reduce stress
  • Exercise is also the #1 activity we avoid when stressed out
  • Find different forms of exercise to reduce stress: cardio, gym, yoga, pilates, breathing exercise, writing, talking, etc.
  • Use your habits or conditioned response along with exercise. When you’re stressed out go for a walk instead of pushing all that anger and frustration deep down.


  • Environment plays a vital role in our stress levels
  • we could be stressed out at home
  • we could be stressed out at work
  • talk to those that stress you out, stop avoiding the issue
  • apologize at work if need be
  • compromise at home
  • understand that doing nothing and continuing on with living in a stressful environment will only stress you out more

adrenal fatigue and stress

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