Getting out of a fitness rut

Today I asked Dylan Dean to come on the show for an interview to talk about getting out of a fitness rut. As Dylan explains she was stuck in a fitness rut, wasn’t happy with her body, and wasn’t able to find the direction or motivation to start exercising again.  This is when she heard about our 10 Day fitness challenge.

Dylan explains how she simply made a conscious decision, she put her mind to it and that’s exactly what she did. It didn’t take her long to jump in with two feet and make the most out of this challenge. Dylan’s one of the group members that absolutely lights up the group with comments, questions, encouragement and even shared post workout pictures.

It was an absolute pleasure having Dylan in the group with us, and it’s a pleasure to have her on the show for an interview as well. Dylan agreed to this interview pretty much the same day I asked. She took her ‘get er done’ attitude from the fitness challenge and brought it right to this interview.

You’ll soon find out how Dylan was able to make the time to workout as a busy mom, see results, make better nutrition choices and not only inspire the group but those around her as well.

I belive there is a path to success, one that can be repeated for continual success. Now I also believe everyone is different and we all need to find the ways we can be successful not only in health and fitness but in life as well; but I wanted to share this show with you to show you that it is possible to see results and as you’ll find out getting out of a fitness rut is something you can absolutely do too.

getting out of a fitness rut

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