How I Healed Myself

Now I’m not sure I’ve openly talked about this before, not that it’s a big secret. I suppose I’ve never had any reason to in the past.  I guess there’s the other factor of when I was starting out doing this health thing full time 4 years ago (at the time this post will be published), I thought I had to have perfect health to be credible. I thought, I had to lead by example in every way possible, not that I still don’t, but the thought of sharing my health issues seemed almost too personal?

Things have changed as we move forward in life and feel more comfortable with who we are and where we are in whatever situation we’re in. This is a story about myself, some health issues I’ve dealt with and how I got over them.

At least a few years ago now, I was dealing with stomach issues on a regular basis. Almost monthly I would find myself in the bathroom, curled up on the floor with excruciating abdomen pain. This happened consistently for about 6 months. At first it seemed to come out of no where, then as it began to happen on a regular basis I knew I had to do something about it.

Numerous doctors visits turned up nothing, blood work and testing, nothing. The pain and ‘episodes’ continued until I chose to take action.

I started to record in a ‘success journal’, from everything I ate to the emotions I was feeling after a meal. As I slowly did research around ‘controversial’ foods, I began to take them out of my diet. I took out Gluten too see how it would make me feel. Then I took our dairy products; I researched gmo’s and decided to do everything I could to avoid those as well.  No soy products either.

Slowly but surely I started to get better, the episodes began to disappear and this is how I found my true health. Thinking back, my book Detoxify Yourself was written not in part but because of my own health issues. Complete Truth Protein is no different, I personally took toxic protein thinking it will help me build muscle but I had little consideration for the rest of my health.

Finally Exploring Mind and Body was created and now I share not only my story buy others’ stories as well of how they healed themselves like Tosca Reno’s sugar addiction and Julie Daniluk’s inflammation story. You can listen to my full story here.

how I healed myself

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