EMB #210: Kristin Dahl Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Chef 2

It was an absolute pleasure having Kristin Dahl on the show today for another interview. We share very similar beliefs when it comes to health and nutrition from staying active (fitness wise) to our beliefs around counting calories. As a holistic nutritionist Kristin has a more natural approach when it comes to hear teachings which is lovely to hear.

Who is Kristin Dahl?

Kristin Dahl is an LA based nutritionist, chef, and author who offers a fresh take on holistic living in a modern world. Kristin specializes in consulting, plant-based cooking, and holistic wellness programs, including her newly released book, The Art of Wellness. She empowers, educates, and motivates individuals to make the transformation to total and complete health. Her commitment to help others manifest change was inspired by her own personal transformation.

kristin dahl

Show Notes:

  • List of restriction
  • Bio-individuality
  • Counting calories 
  • farmers markets
  • staying away from processed foods
  • stick to the outside aisles when grocery shopping
  • inflammation
  • reduce caffeine
  • slow down – be gentle with yourself
  • For more details about Kristin visit: Dahl House Nutrition 

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