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In this show I talk about how most of the decisions we make are from habits turned into conditioned responses.  As humans we’re creates of habit, which makes it easy to do different things without even thinking about it.

A conditioned response may be to wake up stressed out knowing you have to go to a job you really don’t like. Craving sugary or fatty dessert after dinner is a conditioned response. I usually bring up report cards because I work with a lot of teachers. It’s a conditioned response to be stressed out during report card time because everyone else is stressed out.

It’s important to pay attention to these conditioned responses because we can changes our lives in a manner to work with and support these conditioned responses instead of unknowingly perform unhealthy habits without thinking about them.


So for example, lighting a cigarette after a meal is a conditioned response, nothing more than a formed habit. We didn’t always light that cigarette but we trained our body to expect it. Same difference with dessert after dinner. So what if, instead we went out for a walk after dinner and turned that into a habit?  What if we started to do short breathing exercises when we know we’re stressed out instead of internalizing our frustrations?

When we get home from the gym we could make it a habit to put a fresh pair of workout clothes in our gym bag and take that bag directly to the car so we can never say ‘I had to miss workout because I forgot my gym clothes’.

The same goes for having a snack meal so we’re not more prone to craving, hitting the drive through or overindulging in that unhealthy treat left in the staffroom. Pack your snack, keep something in the car, keep something in a drawer at the office, wherever it is find a way to keep something to snack on so you always have a prepared meal.

These are all conditioned responses that we do every day without thinking about them. If we become just a little conscious of the decisions we’re making and the action we take we can start to form healthy habits and live that healthy lifestyle we’re looking for.

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