EMB #234: How to Crush Stress with Rick Titan 2

Todays topic on Exploring Mind and Body is How to Crush Stress with Rick Titan! Special guest, speaker and Author Rick Titan will talk about how he went from a stressful lifestyle in pro wrestling to now teaching others how to reduce stress in their lives.

Who is Rick Titan?

Rick Titan is a former world champion in wrestling and has dedicated his life to the betterment of others in mind, body, intellect, emotion and spirit through 1-on-1 Coaching. He is author of the book ‘Wrestling with Consciousness’ and ‘Kick the Crap out of your Stress!’

His journey is to help people live in their Highest Self or as he coins the phrase “Power-Self”. His scope of experience and knowledge encompass 15 yrs of the philosophies of the Asias & Guided Meditation, with 4 of those years trained by a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. This, tempered with many ups and downs and life experiences make Rick a seasoned Coach & Speaker to find your new path with.

How to crush stress with rick titan

Show Notes:

  • Discovering your stress
  • reaching your subsconsious mind
  • Meditating on stress points
  • finding triggers
  • Shenpa – the emotional charge
  • living a stressful pro wrestling lifestyle
  • studying under monks
  • ‘Bravery is Fear’
  • Dropping self cherishment
  • the joyful path
  • ‘what do I refuse to accept in my life?’
  • what do I need to have to be happy?
  • The Titan Technique
  • letting go of the past
  • how to crush your self sabotage
  • letting go of anger
  • how to fire it up
  • calm confidence
  • Taoism and Bruce Lee


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