5 Surprising Reasons Why you Have the Flu

In this show I want to talk about 5 Surprising Reasons Why you Have the Flu because it’s flu season and it seems like everyone has the flu.

Now when I say surprising I do so because I feel like it’s ‘normal’ to accept the flu during this season. It’s normal to expect no feeling well because everyone else isn’t. So I’m going to go over 5 tips that may not be conventional thinking when it comes to this time of season.

Immune system is compromised in some way 

The first thing we need to understand is that our immune system is compromised in some way. Some type of virus got in because of one reason or another. It’s not simply because it’s the flu season, or because ‘that’s the way it is’.

If we understand our immune system has been compromised then we can understand there is a way to prevent this in the future and avoid it all together. And even help strengthen the immune system once the virus hits.

 5 Surprising reasons why you have the flu

#1 Reason our Immune System is Compromised 

Without a doubt, the #1 reason our immune system is compromised, weakened and negatively affected is because of stress. Unfortunately many times we’re surrounded by stress. There is stress at home, stress in the work place, we put foods in our body that causes stress and so on.

First, understanding that stress playing a big role in this whole flu season will takes us leaps and bounds to getting on the fast track to not only prevention but treatment. And secondly finding ways to reduce stress so our body can recover quick and avoid the flu next time around by keep a low level of stress in our lives.

Look to nutrition first 

I always look at nutrition when it comes to not feeling well. Look at what you’re eating, what can be improved on, what can be cut out. Hydration plays a big role in our health, however unfortuntaely with coffee, sports drinks and even alcoholic beverages many of us walk around dehydrated which makes it difficult for our bodies to fight off dis-ease.

Quality foods on a consistent basis, plant based whole foods will also help heal, cure and prevent any dis-ease in our bodies.

Gut health and fermented foods 

Gut health is another must to keep our immune systems from being compromised. I suggest having some form of fermented foods every single day. This will strengthen your immune system and help you fight off bugs and viruses.


It’s always important to pay attention to your environment because our environment has everything to do with everything. Are people not feeling well around you, are there ways you can avoid, prevent and strengthen especially at this time.

Mind Set

Mind set also has to do with your environment. Do you believe you’ll get the flu because it’s flu season and because everyone else has it? Do you think you’ll get it because ‘it’s that time of year’? Changing your mind set will go a long way in improving your health.

Try these Mantra’s which will help strengthen your mind set:




Expectations has much to do with environment and mind set. Do you expect to get the flu, are you waiting for it? Does everyone else accept it making you more susceptible to expecting it as well. Think about your expectations because if you simply accept decreased health we don’t consider preventing as much, we don’t do the little things that make a difference in the big picture.

Putting it all together 

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to avoid the flu especially when it seems like everyone around you has it. This means not only your body mind is compromised as well. But I am saying it can be prevented, you can strengthen your immune system and by taking small steps each day to live healthy, prevent and avoid dis-ease in any form in your body, it will be much easier to fight off any virus that comes your way.

Here is a 30 Day Meal Plan that will help you strengthen your immune system to help your body avoid dis-ease and work toward prevention when the flu season hits.