5/5 – Half Marathon Tips for Beginners

So I never really planned on running a half marathon before, but now that I have I thought I might share some of my experiences with you, so I put together half marathon tips for beginners.

In this post and show I basically go over what I shouldn’t have done and for the most part didn’t do.


Unfortunately I didn’t exactly prepare for this run, but I highly recommend that you do. It’s important to give your body the opportunity to strengthen, get stronger and prepare for something it isn’t used to.

Setting small goals will help you get through a half marathon such as running on a regular basis, setting smaller goals like a 5K and 10K before you jump into a 21K adventure.

half marathon tips for beginners

Plan Your Route

Again, this is something I failed to do. I basically put my shoes on and literally ran out the door. Living in a rural area, it’s easy to run down a country road until it ends, take a turn and keep running. I figured if I took enough right turns I’d end up where I started, which did happen but not without a couple speed bumps along the way.


It’s very important to hydrate properly both before and after your run and when I say ‘properly’ I don’t mean any sports drinks that come in bright yellow, green, blue or colors that don’t have names yet.

These are filled with toxins from food colouring to refined sugar that put more stress on your body. You should hydrate with clean filtered or spring water, coconut water, and natural fruit juices (natural meaning blended yourself).

Have the Right Gear

If there was anything I’d say I did right, it would be wearing the right gear. I dressed in layers which made it easy to take a light jacket off when I was hot and put it back on when the sun went behind a cloud or tree for an extended period of time.

I also had good running shoes and a music player to help pass the time.

Recovering with proper Nutrition 

I can’t say I understand when people want a burger or beer after they accomplish something physically taxing. I wanted my body to recover as best as possible. I didn’t want to limp around for weeks or days. And I didn’t want to deal with any lingering injuries in case there’s something like this I want to do in the future.

I hydrated, and put whole foods in my body there were easy for my body to recognize and absorb to help heal my body as quick as possible.

In a future show I’ll talk about post workout recovery.


And if you are looking to do any kind of training in preparation for a long run yourself, it’s always good to be strong and healthy with a proper workout program. We have a FREE 10 Days of workouts if you like HERE.

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