EMB #227: Four Purposes of Life with Dan Millman

I couldn’t be more excited to bring another interview to you on Exploring Mind and Body featuring Dan Millman. One of my favourite authors and guests on the show, this is Dan’s 4th’s appearance! Which is only fitting given the title of his book we’re talking about today.

I always feel grateful to have Dan back on the show and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. Another one of my favourite interviews coming at you as Dan talks about the Four Purposes of Life.

 Four Purposes of Life

Who is Dan Millman?

DAN MILLMAN, a former world champion gymnast, university coach, and college professor, has written 16 books read by millions of readers in 29 languages. Dan’s work includes fiction and nonfiction, two children’s books, and a first-draft screenplay for Way of the Peaceful Warrior, released by Universal Pictures in 2007. For three decades he has worked with publishers large and small; represented himself and partnered with top literary agents. Find more about Dan Millman Here.

Show Notes:

Learning Life’s Lessons

  • if Earth is a school, what courses do we need to pass to graduate?
  • Self Worth and how it’s different from self confidence
  • the practice of Self Discipline
  • some of us act without thinking, too many of us think without acting
  • Dan’s view on money and values
  • The Nature of Your Inner World – Lao-Tzu “as soon as you have a thought, laugh at it”.
  • Confronting Fear – hero’s feel the same fear as cowards, they just act differently

Finding Your Career and Calling

  • Kevin Kohler’s story of his love of Ultimate Frisbee

Discovering Your Life’s Path

Attending to this Arising Moment 


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