EMB #228: Results in 10 Days with Dorothy Keith 3

We all go through times in our lives when we experience lack of motivation, we all fall off track and we all need help to head back in the direction we want to go. These are the reasons I wanted to interview Dorothy on her results in 10 days.

The reason why I want to share Dorothy’s results isn’t because I want to share how to get quick results, or how impressive her results were in only 10 days. As you’ll find out Dorothy lives a healthy lifestyle full time. As a fitness advocate she leads by example, from setting new goals herself to teaching others how to do the same.

However this doesn’t mean she never runs into a road block herself. What she’s going to do is tell you exactly how she was able to get back on track, how in 10 days she saw incredible results and how you can too if you follow some of her workout and nutrition suggestions.

And finally she’ll explain how you can create sustainable lifestyle changes and turn your 10 day progress into results that last!

Results in 10 Days

Show Notes:

  • living a healthy lifestyle from being a triathlete to hosting baking events
  • falling into a fitness rut
  • finding motivation
  • results after 10 days
  • losing 10 lbs in 10 days
  • …but easily gaining weight as well when falling off the wagon
  • nutrition and meal plan examples during 10 days
  • planning ahead
  • simple to create meals
  • planned workouts
  • workout tips

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