EMB #228: Tobin Blake a Healing Journey

In this interview of Exploring Mind and Body I’m talking with Tobin Blake who wrote the book The Healing of Jordan Young. This is a story where Tobin talks about how he helped heal Jordan who is his daughters boyfriend from lymphomic dis-ease.

Who is Tobin Blake:

Tobin Blake, the author of The Power of Stillness and Everyday Meditation, is a longtime student of meditation, healing, and the  mind-body connection. He holds workshops on meditation and
spiritual awakening and lives in Bend, Oregon.

Tobin Blake

Show Notes:

  • Earth school
  • how meditation can heal
  • what a co-incidence is
  • agressive lymphoma
  • the body is an extension of what we are
  • Visualization healing
  • Emotions caused dis-ease flair up
  • A course in miracles
  • emotional reactions
  • Meditation – is not to stop thoughts, it’s to disconnect with your thoughts
  • don’t resist your thoughts – think of them as clouds passing by


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