5/5 – Dangers of Instant Results

In this show I want to talk about the dangers of instant results because we live in an instant result society which doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

The first step is to understand that we’re conditioned this way. We didn’t always expect an answer right back. Remember when you wrote a letter and it took a week to hear back from someone? Remember when you wrote an email and it was perfectly okay to respond a few days later?

That’s not the case anymore. We want instant results because we live in an instant result society with text messages and email, microwaves and fast food. In this show I’m going to give you 5 tips explaining the dangers of instant results.

The dangers of instant results

 Instant Gratification

It may not seem like it but this isn’t exactly a good thing. Let’s say you join some type of 3 day detox program where you don’t eat any food and lose 5 lbs. Well this is instant results which means there’s instant gratification.

The issue here is these results aren’t sustainable and your expectations rise.


Because your expectations have risen you actually expect to lose another 5 lbs in a few short days, which may or may not happen. Also, you most likely will expect to lose 5 lbs in 3 days every time you try a detox (which likely won’t happen).


It’s not sustainable to lose 3 lbs in a few days all the time. It’s not even sustainable to keep these results once you start eating food again. And finally it’s not sustainable to not eat food for the rest of you life hoping to keep those lbs you just lost off.


Think about your health when it comes to instant results. It could be a shake product, it could be a fast or detox; whatever it may be, the issue is most of these quick fix type of programs and products are terribly unhealthy for our bodies.

Our health should come first and unfortunately we don’t consider our health when we get quick results (excitement takes over) or when we’re looking to make changes quickly. Most of the time if something happens quickly, we lose it just as quickly.

In Conclusion 

It’s really not worth it to look for quick results. You put your physical health in jeopardy and your emotional health is at risk too by expecting results to come quickly without putting the time and effort into finding sustainability.

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