EMB #204: Overcome Anything with Alvin Law

What an absolute pleasure to have Alvin Law on this edition of Exploring Mind and Body. Due to the morning sickness drug called Thalidomide and the side affects, Alvin was born without arms. A gripping story of being put up by adoption and raised by a very positive mother and father in a foster home Alvin shares what it’s like to grow up and live a life without arms.

What might surprise you about Alvin is how normal his life is or how normal a life can be without arms. Alvin is a father, a husband and professional speaker. He drives his own car, sends emails and writes in his own book as he signs them for fans.  And if you want to see something really special, watch Alvin play the drums, piano and more with his feet! For Alvin’s full store click here.

overcome anything with alvin law

Show Notes:

  • being raised in foster home
  • growing up without arms
  • dealing with depression and how meds mask sadness
  • changing your mindset
  • how to overcome obstacles
  • your attitude can define who we are and what we become
  • not living life as a victim
  • being a speaker for 22 years
  • what it’s like to be a father, husband and professional speaker at 55yrs old
  • playing the piano, drums and other instruments with your feet
  • failure is not personal

“Failure is an integral part of the journey to success. It happens to all of us and isn’t personal” -Alvin Law

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