Importance of Supporting Local

I love supporting local, I really do. Everything about supporting local resonates with me. Admittedly so, I’m not a fan of box stores, low quality products, little to none customer service and other aspects of mass production with sole purpose of bringing ‘more’ to market when more times than not we have enough (‘more’ than enough).

In this show I welcome Kimberly Cornish, director of Food, Water, Wellness Foundation, who knows the importance of supporting local and put her own twist on how to build a community around food to support farmers, health, quality of food and more than anything connections in support of each other.

Who is Kimberly Cornish?

She completed undergraduate multidisciplinary studies at the University of Victoria in art, political science, environmental studies, international development and anthropology.  Taking a diverse field of studies promoted her to think laterally and to integrate understanding from seemingly unrelated areas.

Her varied work experience in vocational training at the Namibia Training Authority, teaching in Honduras, post-tsunami clean up work in Thailand and fundraising for Serve Nepal and the Australian Red Cross refined her coordination skills and her ability to find unique approaches to perceived problems.  She studied Permaculture to enrich her knowledge of ecological principles and to find a sustainable solution to the food shortage in the village of Vergenoeg in Namibia and lead her to found Food Water Wellness Foundation.

importance of supporting local

Show Notes:

  • Local food dinner and event as fundraiser for building a ecological ag portal.
  • Supporting farmers that are farming ecologically to be able to farm in a way that is profitable, beneficial to the environment and the health of people and animals
  • Create a mechanism for consumers to connect with farmers.
  • Important because greatly impact the nutrition in food
  • Microbiology in soil helps microbiome in the gut
  • higher Brix levels make plant healthier and much more resistant to disease
  • Bacteria highest nitrogen substance
  • Local food better for environment because it has a smaller carbon footprint
  • Also more available nutrients
  • Keeps betterSpecial Event Notes:
    all local food and drink
    Farmers from the area contributing to the meal and then the sous chef from the Bison is cooking it up into a four course meal
    Local area juice and mead and beer full of enzymes
    made with less preservatives
    Local bands



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