EMB #206: Death Race Finisher Noel D’arcy 1

For most of my life I’ve been the athlete, funny how I find myself in a new position in life as more so the coach. I can’t say I’ve entirely understood coaches (I had a hard time really connecting with most I’ve had). But the experience is entirely different.

You work so hard to prepare who you’re working with. It’s not like the sessions are over after the 60 mins is up. You’re always thinking about the progress of whomever you’re working with (online or in person). I’m wondering how they’re doing during the week. If what we’ve talked about is working, if it will get them results and if what is expected is being done.

You almost feel helpless at times because you’re not able to actually do it for them. All you can do is support, encourage and find ways to help them get results. I almost find myself more nervous at times coaching than when I was performing.

Their victories almost feel like yours both big and small, and their set backs are yours the same as you find new ways to help them reach the goals you both set out to achieve.

A big shout out to Noel Darcy who’s been working with me for quite some time. More months than I can count, he came to me and said he’ll be training for the Death Race in Grande Cache which is 125 KM course. Hard to even try to understand how long that is for most of us.

Noel’s been working incredibly hard from nutrition to workouts and (especially in this case) recovery. At the point of this post there’s only 23hrs until the race begins and I couldn’t be more excited for all of Noel’s hard work to pay off. Looking forward to hearing how it goes Noel, we’ll be with you.

death race finisher noel darcy

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