EMB #207: Making Fitness Fun

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Scott Johnson who as you’ll soon find out has a background full of experience through many different ways of exercise, health and fitness. Jason tells a great story of how his father would wake him up at 10 years old and take him running down the country roads. His mother would also take him to health conferences and teach him more ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jason loves to talk fitness but more so how to make fitness fun!  He shares tons of information and ways he’s found success not only with his live but with his clients as well.

Who is Jason Scott Johnson?

After joining the US Marines, he traveled the world with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (F.A.S.T) and was on the elite US Marine 2nd Force Recon team. After an honorable discharge, Johnson focused on kickboxing and wrestling. He was the National Heavyweight Amateur IKF Kickboxing Champion; won the IFMA World Super-heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing Title; and was the IKF Amateur of the Year and ranked 7th in the world as a professional.

Johnson is now a California-based fitness professional (certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine) as well as a natural bodybuilding and fitness model champion and fat loss expert to everyone from professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, to retired seniors and stay-at- home moms.

He is currently an Ironman Triathlete and Adventure Racer. Johnson is a published fitness writer and has appeared/modeled in publications such as Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, Men’s Fitness, Physical, Combat Athlete, Exercise for Men, and Inside Kung Fu.

More places to find Jason:

making fitness fun

Show Notes:

  • being woken up by his father at 6am when he was 10 yrs old to go running
  • growing up in Wisconsin
  • passion for wrestling
  • Marine core – bootcamp and more
  • studying martial arts
  • father was in the military
  • find a workout partner
  • making fitness fun
  • outdoor workouts
  • indoor workouts
  • workouts in the snow/cold
  • Nutrition advice

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