Improving Your Mind Set

I love the mind set, I really do. I’ve always believed the body follows the mind. I’ve also always believed deep down we can have, do and be whatever it is we want in this life. The only limiting factor is our own mind set, our own story and our own beliefs.

I’ve brought on Marine, Bob Choat who among other things is a Mind Set Transformational Expert who not only believes what he preaches but lives it as well.  You won’t find a more passionate person when it comes to the mind and how it affects your overall wellness than Bob.

At 65 years old Bob sets and achieves physical goals that people have his age wouldn’t even attempt. In this show he’ll talk about his own mind set, how he was raised, what he believes now and also how he coaches others to raise their own standards of themselves to achieve more and not only reach but set new goals for themselves.

Who is Bob Choat?

Bob is also an accomplished martial artist with a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo and a Sr. Instructor in Jeet Kune Do. He earned his PhD in psychology, ran a marketing and advertising firm and has extensive work in fitness and hypnosis.

Bob is the co-founder of Optimal Life Seminars and Optimal Life Institute, the author of Mind Your Own Fitness and the forthcoming book, The Fitness Manifesto (with Dr. Lori Shemek). He is also the founder of Mind Hack Academy. His articles on peak performance have been published in various publications and websites.

improving your mind set

Show Notes:

  • how to build a foundation
  • growing up in a military family
  • having an unhealthy father
  • changing your mind set
  • hypnosis
  • living through the eyes of a martial artist
  • reaching new heights at age 64
  • Blue Zone research
  • Bob’s American ninja warrior goal
  • Bob’s Parkour training 
  • Lori Shemek 
  • Jason Johnson 

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