EMB #206: Time Management with Andy McDermott

It was an absolute pleasure having Andy McDermitt on Exploring Mind and Body for an interview. You’ll quickly find out how genuine Andy is and how much worldly experience he has to share with us.

I’m not sure we’ve had such a traveled guest on Exploring Mind and Body after 4 years. From an actor to model, coach, father and husband Andy seems to have done it all. What’s most interesting (at least to me) is no matter what Andy has done or where he’s been he’s always had health and fitness on his mind.

It’s pretty cool how similar our philosophy’s are when it comes to fitness and overall health. In this interview Andy talks about his workout routine, how he’s able to find time to eat well and exercise consistently with so much on his plate. Before we jump into the show notes here’s more about Andy:

Who is Andy McDermott?

After graduating from Northwestern University, Andy avoided getting a real job for 7 years by playing soccer professionally. He taught martial arts and earned a Third Degree Black Belt. Then he served as a cop on the Tactical Response Unit for the Phoenix Police Department for 7 more years. He won the Gold Medal in the Toughest Competitor Alive event at the U.S. Police and Fire Championships. Andy is now in Hollywood working as an actor, model, host, and fitness personality.

Time Management with Andy McDermott

Show Notes:

  • Pro soccer for 7 years
  • 3rd degree black belt in martial arts
  • Police officer for 8 years in Arizona
  • Acting career inspired by some time with Will Ferrell
  • Living in Santa Monica for 3 years following an acting career
  • Husband and Father of 2 boys and 2 girls
  • Children are homeschooled
  • Writes a monthly article for Muscle and Fitness Magazine
  • Why choose body weight exercises
  • 20-30 min workouts
  • 3 favorite exercises: pullups, muscle ups and burpees
  • And ‘always be ready mantra’
  • Choose organic whole food
  • Nutrition wise, stay away from: fast food and refined sugar
  • How to stay grounded
  • Learning from failure

It was pretty cool having Andy on the show and listening to his philosophy on not only the show notes listed above but his philosophy of life in general. Andy talks about trying new things, experiencing new experiences and living life to the fullest. Certainly inspiring to me and I hope not only the information he shared was inspired to you but his outlook on life as well.

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