EMB #179: Designing a Fitness Program

Today on Exploring Mind and Body Jamie-Dee Marshall will be joining, a fitness professional that will be talking about designing a fitness program specific for your needs. Many times we show up at a gym and don’t know what to do, we get the mind set of ‘I need to get in better shape, and I will get in better shape’, but we’re not sure how. It’s important to widen our scope of success and do everything we can to set our selves up for success.

There are many ways to setting and achieving goals, increasing your success rate and creating the lifestyle of health we’re talking about, which all begins with designing a fitness program specific for your needs. I like how Jamie-Dee says, if you’re not exactly a fitness type of person and you’re not exactly a morning person, why set a goal when you’re just start out that’s along the lines of, ‘I’m going to start working out every morning at 6am’. This certainly won’t help you find your success in health, so that’s what this show is all about.

It’s about helping you find ways to set yourself up for success when it comes to designing a fitness program, living a healthier lifestyle and creating the life of your dreams, all directed towards health.

designing a fitness program

Here is Jamie-Dee talking to one of her clients about designing a fitness program

Who is Jamie Dee?

Every day my two kids ask, “What are we doing today? Where are we going?” Hmmm… I wonder where they get that from??? I LOVE everything I do! I have been teaching group fitness classes for 20 years. I am active with my kids’ activities and passionate about modelling a healthy lifestyle for my family. I cook and bake for my family – okay, sometimes I just use them as the excuse to bake. I try to instill realistic, simple practices in regard to physical energy, emotional well being and healthy lifestyles. I gain energy from others, however I have also learned to gain perspective and focus from within.

I hope to share some energy and knowledge with participants in a fun, challenging manner; life is about balance!  I provide various different approaches to breaking down barriers and prioritizing fitness and wellness.  The following links provide more information on classes, retreats and a high-quality home training program (including equipment):

jamie dee teaching a fitness class

Jamie Dee teaching one of her well known fitness classes


Show Notes

Here are some of the topics Jamie Dee put together for us, in prep for the show. Some we cover and some are questions she asks her clients and questions you should ask yourself when thinking about designing a fitness program.  My favorite part is where she says look to lifestyle first, not weight loss, and also refers to sustainability.

(Written by Jamie Dee)

Thinking of some key questions with setting up a new plan; when tweaking a plan/program to make it more sustainable; when finding that “missing” piece to their plateaus physically and mentally.   Always focusing on the lifestyle, not the weight loss.

I’m thinking about a few aspects:

  • How do people FEEL? What feelings are they needing MORE of in their week?  Some people need to get energy in their days…they could incorporate that into their work outs, working out with friends, group fitness classes, music, etc.  Some people are needing to feel more peace in their days…choosing to run, finding a yoga class, or a workout that may fit into their basement or gym
  • What balance do people need in their workouts? (They still need to push themselves beyond their comfort zones a bit.) Showing different cross training and the pros of many different kinds (we could get specific).  Balancing out strength, cardio, flexibility.  NOT all the same “stuff”.
  • What scheduling issues, fitness priorities do people need to think about?  When do people easily find excuses?  Easier to get it done in the early morning?  Is it a nice reward at the end of the night?  Do you need an at-home approach so that you can fit it in any any point?

Thank You

One of my favorite parts about Jamie Dee is that she leads by example. She lives that healthy lifestyle she talks about. In fact, early in the show we talk about how she positively influences her children about healthy decisions with nutrition and goes on to talk about her own life, fitness and activity level teaching up to 10 classes a week.

Just a quick thank you to Jamie Dee for not only coming on the show and helping us understand how to better design a fitness program but for all her work in the community, in helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

designing a fitness program for kids

Jamie Dee with her Daughter


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