Accepting Mediocre

Accepting mediocre is a mind set, one that we don’t have to accept if we’re looking to improve our situation in life. I think many times we feel like this is just the way it is, not realizing we can change our circumstances.

Eye Vision

How come we simply accept our eye vision to decline as we get older. Some of us don’t know we can actually improve our vision as we age but we think it’s normal to wear eye glass when reading or when driving, because ‘that’s the way it is’.

Typing on a Computer

Have you ever thought about your typing speed on a computer. The majority of us never get better after we reach our normal which to me is accepting mediocre. If we’re always on a computer, if we’re always typing why don’t we get better, why don’t we expect more from ourselves?


Reading is no different than the previous two examples when it comes to accepting mediocre in our lives. We could read better or quicker or more efficiently if we taught ourselves to. There’s a great book that actually DOUBLED my reading speed called Evelyn Wood’s 7 Day Speed Reading course.

Accepting Medicore

Here’s a quick way to improve your reading and stop accepting mediocre when it comes to reading